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grouper-users - Re: [grouper-users] Re: URGENT: API Patch#42 Missing from Master Branch

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Re: [grouper-users] Re: URGENT: API Patch#42 Missing from Master Branch

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  • From: Peter DiCamillo <>
  • To: "Hyzer, Chris" <>, "Black, Carey M." <>, Akki Kumar <>
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  • Subject: Re: [grouper-users] Re: URGENT: API Patch#42 Missing from Master Branch
  • Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2017 16:27:52 -0400
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Carey wrote about the Grouper Installer  "This is a “binary” patch, not a source code patch.  (Well, kind of. Actually, it is complicated. J )". Could this be clarified? I don't currently install patches using the Grouper Installer. I'd like to, but I also want Grouper source code that matches the Grouper I'm running, both as documentation and to allow for safely rebuilding Grouper with local mods. Is there a recommended way to maintain that kind of source code installation?


Thanks Carey,


Few clarifications:


GROUPER_2_3_0 is a tag, hence the old date

GROUPER_2_3_BRANCH is the branch.  We do patches there, but the patch consists of a few files at a point in time.  Its not the whole repo.  Which is why some things could be committed but not ready to be used.

So far patches do not alter RDBMS structure, just files.

If a patch finds a file has been altered, the patch install will fail, but you can “force” install it.





From: [] On Behalf Of Black, Carey M.
Sent: Tuesday, August 01, 2017 1:19 AM
To: Akki Kumar
Subject: RE: [grouper-users] Re: URGENT: API Patch#42 Missing from Master Branch




A few comments that I hope will help you understand the approach that the Grouper project uses.





To the best of my knowledge:


1)      Master is a bleeding edge DEV branch.

a.       Release branches (AKA: GROUPER_2_3_0 ) are stable. AKA: patches are not applied here. Last commit 972bcf6  on Apr 16, 2016 ( I do not understand that reasoning, but that is my understanding.)

b.      Other branches (AKA: GROUPER_2_3 ) are dev/stable.  AKA: Patches are developed here. Latest commit 2f9ab62  5 days ago.  So only the commits that are “tested later” and are found to be “good to use” would be “ok” to use. (And you will likely not know which commits are good or not.)

                                                               i.      I think the Grouper Dev team uses this branch to make the “patches” (maybe by ref from the GROUPER_2_3_0  branch? I could be wrong about those details. I am guessing more than a bit. ) that are then uploaded somewhere else (internet2 web server?) for the Grouper Install to pull down.


2)      There is a Java program (Grouper Installer) that is designed to download individual patches and “layer them on top of an existing install directory”.

a.       NOTE: This is a “binary” patch, not a source code patch.  (Well, kind of. Actually, it is complicated. J )

b.      These patches might also do things like alter your RDBMS structures/data too.

c.       By design, if the patch finds an existing file that has been altered from the default then it will keep a copy of the altered original file. Then applies the patch. ( The task of the merge is left to you after the patch is applied.)

d.      This installer can be run in an “auto patch” mode too: REF


Hope that helps.



Carey Matthew


From: [] On Behalf Of Akki Kumar
Sent: Monday, July 31, 2017 12:00 PM
To: Hyzer, Chris <>
Subject: [grouper-users] Re: URGENT: API Patch#42 Missing from Master Branch


That sound like a good plan. J Where can I find the automated script that will download all patches and apply it to the source code? (Or is there automated script?)


Thank you,



On Mon, Jul 31, 2017 at 11:40 AM, Hyzer, Chris <> wrote:

Yes, but also contains development work not ready for use J


You could get GROUPER_2_3_0 and patch it with patches and that would work J


From: Akki Kumar [mailto:]
Sent: Monday, July 31, 2017 11:27 AM
To: Hyzer, Chris <>
Subject: Re: URGENT: API Patch#42 Missing from Master Branch


Hi Chris,


Thank you for the prompt reply. So, all 2.3.0 patches source code pushed to the GROUPER_2_3_BRANCH? Does the GROUPER_2_3_BRANCH contain all the patches? 



- Akki



On Mon, Jul 31, 2017 at 10:40 AM, Hyzer, Chris <> wrote:

I cherry picked that commit to master.


Why are you pulling source code from master?  You should not be pulling source code from github, you should be installing from tarballs and patches.  And you shouldn’t be using the master branch, you should be using the GROUPER_2_3_BRANCH.  But whats in github doesn’t mean its stable, it is stable in the tarballs and patches.  Ok?





From: Akki Kumar [mailto:]
Sent: Monday, July 31, 2017 10:08 AM
To: Hyzer, Chris <>;
Subject: URGENT: API Patch#42 Missing from Master Branch


Hi Team Lead,


We are planning to update Grouper to version 2.3.0 (in Prod) this Thursday(8/3/17), but Grouper is throwing an error since last week. 


In our Grouper deployment process, we pulled out the source code from the Master branch (with all patches), build UI & WS Wars and deploy the Wars on the environment. Two weeks ago, we successfully updated the Dev environment to Grouper 2.3.0 (v) and the application ran fine (during a test with no error). However, last week I pulled out the source code from the Master branch, updated QA Environment to Grouper 2.3.0 (v), but the application was failing with below error:



ERROR GrouperLoaderJob.runJob(443) -  - Error on job: CHANGE_LOG_changeLogTempToChangeLog
edu.internet2.middleware.grouper.internal.dao.GrouperDAOException: Problem in HibernateSession: HibernateSession (3869c889): new, notReadonly, READ_WRITE_NEW, notActiveTransaction, session (2b6a8084)
   at edu.internet2.middleware.grouper.hibernate.HibernateSession._internal_hibernateSessionCatch(
   at edu.internet2.middleware.grouper.hibernate.HibernateSession.callbackHibernateSession(
   at edu.internet2.middleware.grouper.changeLog.ChangeLogTempToEntity.convertRecords(
   at org.quartz.simpl.SimpleThreadPool$
Caused by: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: edu.internet2.middleware.grouper.hibernate.ByHqlStatic.executeUpdate()I
   at edu.internet2.middleware.grouper.internal.dao.hib3.Hib3PITGroupSetDAO.updateEndTimeByPITOwner(
   at edu.internet2.middleware.grouper.changeLog.ChangeLogTempToEntity.processGroupDelete(
   at edu.internet2.middleware.grouper.changeLog.ChangeLogTempToEntity.access$200(
   at edu.internet2.middleware.grouper.changeLog.ChangeLogTempToEntity$1.callback(
   at edu.internet2.middleware.grouper.hibernate.HibernateSession.callbackHibernateSession(
After troubleshooting for a day, I found the source of the error i.e.  grouper_v2_3_0_api_patch_42 is missing from the Master branch. I have attached the screenshots to below link. Can someone please push the API Patch# 42 source code to the Master branch? (Also, is it possible to make sure other patches source code are pushed to the Master Branch?)
Master Branch: 



Thank you,




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