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grouper-users - [grouper-users] PSPNG failing to create records that already exist

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[grouper-users] PSPNG failing to create records that already exist

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  • From: Jeffrey Crawford <>
  • To: Gouper Users List <>
  • Subject: [grouper-users] PSPNG failing to create records that already exist
  • Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2016 12:39:34 -0700


I've got the DN naming squared away but The system seems to be unable to understand that a group already exists. basically I'm finding the following in my LDAP logs:

[2016-Jun-17 12:30:23.863 -0700] SEARCH REQ conn=1663604 op=187 msgID=188 base="ou=svc,ou=groups,dc=ucsc,dc=edu" scope=wholeSubtree filter="(|(&(objectclass=groupOfNames)(entryDN=cn=group,ou=substem,ou=its,ou=svc,ou=groups,dc=ucsc,dc=edu)))" attrs="cn,gidNumber,samAccountName,objectclass,member"
[2016-Jun-17 12:30:23.863 -0700] SEARCH RES conn=1663604 op=187 msgID=188 result=0 nentries=1 etime=1
[2016-Jun-17 12:30:24.073 -0700] ADD REQ conn=1663603 op=193 msgID=194 dn="cn=group,ou=substem,ou=its,ou=svc,ou=groups,dc=ucsc,dc=edu"
[2016-Jun-17 12:30:24.073 -0700] ADD RES conn=1663603 op=193 msgID=194 result=68 message="The entry cn=group,ou=substem,ou=its,ou=svc,ou=groups,dc=ucsc,dc=edu cannot be added because an entry with that name already exists" etime=1

Is this a bug or do I need to make sure an additional attribute is being returned?

Jeffrey E. Crawford
Enterprise Service Team

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