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grouper-users - Re: [grouper-users] Grouper 2.2 and legacy attribute migration

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Re: [grouper-users] Grouper 2.2 and legacy attribute migration

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  • From: Shilen Patel <>
  • To: Rahul Doshi <>
  • Cc: "" <>
  • Subject: Re: [grouper-users] Grouper 2.2 and legacy attribute migration
  • Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2014 17:41:57 +0000
  • Accept-language: en-US

Did the sql script include the statements to create the views? The sql
script should have started off by dropping all the views, then dropping
constraints, then actually doing that part of the upgrade, then adding
back the constraints, and finally adding back the views. This is the sql
script referenced in steps 6 and 7 of the upgrade instructions.


-- Shilen

On 8/22/14 1:27 PM, "Rahul Doshi"

>Hi Shilen,
>When I upgraded our production database running grouper 2.1.4 in the dev
>environment to grouper 2.2.0 even thought upgrade script completed
>successfully none of the views starting with grouper_attr_asn_* and
>grouper_aval_asn_* got created. I also ran postGrouper2_2Upgrade.gsh as
>part of upgrade. Is it some kind of bug in the upgrade script?
>On 8/22/14, 9:35 AM, "Shilen Patel"
> wrote:
>>The upgrade should have migrated the legacy attributes to the attribute
>>framework and they should still be visible in the admin UI (not the new
>>Did you run the postGrouper2_2Upgrade.gsh script as part of the upgrade?
>>If so, do you have the output from that? If you query the view
>>GROUPER_AVAL_ASN_ASN_GROUP_V, do you see your legacy attributes there?
>>-- Shilen
>>On 8/22/14 8:53 AM, "GOOD Richard"
>> wrote:
>>>Hi all,
>>>we've just started the process of upgrading our old Grouper 1.5.3
>>>instances to Grouper 2.2.
>>>Have managed (I think) to do an upgrade straight from 1.5.3 to 2.2 on
>>>DEV system.
>>>We're also using Java 1.8 and Tomcat 8 and so far all seems to be well
>>>(after a few tweaks which from the mailing list also have to be done for
>>>Tomcat 7). We're in the process of setting up PSP to provision Open
>>>so once we have all the upgrade done and dusted I'll post back to the
>>>list with any observations and tweaks we had to make to get things to
>>>I have a question though regarding the migration of old types. We had a
>>>custom group type which we stored a gid value in, and a grouper hook
>>>which adds the custom group and then sets the gid value.
>>>Post upgrade, I can see all the values in the grouper_attributes_legacy
>>>However I'm not entirely sure what to do at this point. Do I need to now
>>>create a new attribute, assign to all groups and port the legacy values
>>>over? Or should I be able to query the legacy attributes still? They
>>>don't show up in the UI, and I don't appear to be able to get at them
>>>using Grouper Shell, but it's entirely likely that I'm missing
>>>I had a look at
>>>which pointed me to the right place in the database so I can see I
>>>haven't lost anything.
>>>Any pointers gratefully received!
>>>Richard Good
>>>Senior Analyst/Team Leader
>>>IS Applications Development ISG team
>>>Tel: (0131) 650 6628
>>>The University of Edinburgh is a charitable body, registered in
>>>Scotland, with registration number SC005336.

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