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grouper-users - SV: [grouper-users] Removing subject no longer in source

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SV: [grouper-users] Removing subject no longer in source

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  • From: "Per-Olov Gustafsson" <>
  • To: <>
  • Subject: SV: [grouper-users] Removing subject no longer in source
  • Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2012 16:25:03 +0100
  • Organization: IT-avdelningen, Universitetsförvaltningen, Uppsala u niversitet

Thanks for your answer, Chris.


I can confirm that if I use subjectId it works and I can remove the subject’s membership. It does’nt matter if I specify the source. It works with and without the source specified.


But I have to admit to not understanding the difference between subjectId and subjectIdentifier. For instance the page does not explain the term. Can you point me to some doc explaining this?




Från: [mailto:] För Chris Hyzer
den 6 december 2012 17:23
Till: Pål Axelsson
Ämne: RE: [grouper-users] Removing subject no longer in source




Sorry for the delay, can you confirm when you remove the user, you are using the subjectId and sourceId?  I thought we had run into this before, but basically, if you cant resolve, you need those two things to lookup from the members table.


If you are sending those two, then I can open a jira and take a look.





Från: [] För Per-Olov Gustafsson
Skickat: den 5 december 2012 17:48
Ämne: [grouper-users] Removing subject no longer in source




As I understand it the Webservice function deleteMember() error handles when trying to remove a member no longer in the source.


This is a problem for us and means that we have no way to do the “cleaning” of memberships – at least not from our webservice interface to grouper.


I just learned that there is a utility that can do this for us and that is of course a possible way of dealing with it. But in my opinion the deleteMember() function could very well remove the membership regardless of whether it is present in  the source.




Per-Olov Gustafsson


Uppsala universitet

Box 887

SE-751 08  Uppsala

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