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grouper-users - RE: About the grouper initialization

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RE: About the grouper initialization

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  • From: "Cramton, James" <>
  • To: "chqh" <>
  • Cc: <>
  • Subject: RE: About the grouper initialization
  • Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2007 09:26:52 -0400

I noticed your posting to the Grouper-users list, and that is the best place to ask questions like this, because there are many more folks on the list to answer your questions. First, you should give the grouper-users list some more information about your system:
1. What web UI authentication method are you using? Tomcat-users.xml, or an apache/ldap configuration?
2.What kind of person registry are you running? LDAP? If so, what platform? SunOne, AD, Novell, etc.? Or do you have a SQL person registry in postgres? This person source will need to be defined in $GROUPER_HOME/grouper-api/conf/sources.xml.
3. As I understand it, you are not able to find person subjects in the UI's search form. Are you able to add person subjects to groups when you add members in the UI?  If you are not able to find person subjects in any screen of the UI, the problem probably lies in your person source adapter definition in sources.xml. Make sure you have the person source defined properly in the sources.xml file. And "properly" can be a tricky thing. I have found the search subjects form to be very reliable in returning person subjects, if Grouper can reach the person source defined in sources.xml.
Once you've looked over your person source configuration, you may want to send a copy of the person source adapter configuration from sources.xml (without the login name/password) to the grouper-users list so we can suggest changes.
James Cramton
Lead Programmer/Analyst
Brown University
401 863-7324

From: chqh [mailto:]
Sent: Wednesday, July 25, 2007 12:05 AM
To: Cramton, James
Subject: About the grouper initialization

Dear Sir,
         I am sorry to bother you again. But now I just get some troubles on the initializion of grouper administartion. I will appreciate your help indeed.
         Now I am working on the new grouper v1.2.
        After I finish all the configuration, I start to add root stem and wheel group by using the gsh tools. And I add some subjects and subject attributes by excuting sql script in the postgres database. Then I added one subject into the wheel group by using the gsh command "add member". So it works. And then I access the grouper administration system by login the ui. And I created stems and groups smoothly. But then the weird things happens. When I searched subjects by using the searching tool in the ui, I found nothing turning up except the groups that I have create.
    However, when I used the grouper qs-start hsqldb, I found it's no difficult to search subjects. Is it something wrong with my initialization steps? Could you help me, Sir?
    BTW, the platform I work on is windows XP. And I use tomcat 5.5.23 as the container for grouper ui.

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