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grouper-users - Re: [grouper-users] Grouper UI In Weblogic 9.x

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Re: [grouper-users] Grouper UI In Weblogic 9.x

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  • From: "GW Brown, Information Systems and Computing" <>
  • To: Monica Crawford <>,
  • Subject: Re: [grouper-users] Grouper UI In Weblogic 9.x
  • Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2006 09:20:09 +0100

Hi Monica,

I haven't tried getting the Grouper UI to run against servlet 2.4/jsp 2.0 - I have deliberately avoided taking advantage of any new features so that there aren't any backward compatability issues.

I don't have a Weblogic instance to work against, but I'll have a go at setting up the UI for Tomcat servlet 2.4/jsp 2.0 and see what errors occur. If you would send me your 2.4 deployment descriptor that will help me get started.



--On 09 August 2006 17:24 -0500 Monica Crawford

Hi folks,

Is there intended support for Grouper UI running against a Servlet
2.4/JSP 2.0 deployment descriptor?

I'm trying to get the Weblogic 9.x (servlet 2.4/jsp 2.0) environment to
run grouper-qs and I run into errors starting with template.jsp. There
are a couple of things happening; an infinite loop in the
LoginCheckFilter if the document.location.replace("") isn't
commented out, and the main issue - EL evaluation in the tiles tag
attributes isn't happening.

Seeking an answer I find this post and
try to convert the grouper-qs ui webapp to use the 2.4 deployment
descriptor with some hopeful success but alas keep running into various
errors regarding the taglibs on the include.jsp. Even after updating
JSTL/Standard jars to 1.1 dtd references, it appears that the taglib
definitions in include.jsp aren't being 'included' in subsequent jsps
even if I use a dynamic include. Each new thing I 'fix' seems to open a
new issue.

I'm sure I'm missing something rather simple. Any ideas for a cure? I
can recreate the EL problem with a rather simple webapp, but can't
recreate the include.jsp taglib issue. Let me know what additional info
you might need to further investigate.

Monica Crawford
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Division of Information Technology
1210 West Dayton Street, Rm 3159
Madison, Wisconsin 53706

GW Brown, Information Systems and Computing

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