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grouper-users - Re: [grouper-users] Problems with naming privileges

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Re: [grouper-users] Problems with naming privileges

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  • From: Keith Hazelton <>
  • To:
  • Subject: Re: [grouper-users] Problems with naming privileges
  • Date: Sat, 01 Jan 2005 22:46:43 -0600

Tom Barton wrote:

Keith Hazelton wrote:

java privmgr -v -g -m hazelton -n STEM -s wisc:doit -e arch

Enabling verbose mode
Using extension 'arch'
Enabling grant mode
Enabling grant mode
Will act upon a member `hazelton'
Will act upon naming privilege
Using stem 'wisc:doit'
Using default subjectID
2005-01-01 16:07:30,440 INFO event: Initializing Grouper
Using default subjectTypeID (person)
Looking up subjectID 'GrouperSystem'
2005-01-01 16:07:36,883 INFO event: Started session for 'GrouperSystem'
Started session as GrouperSystem:person
Loaded member GrouperSystem:person

wisc:doit:arch is null

Failed to grant privilege `STEM' to member `hazelton' on group `wisc:doit:arch'
2005-01-01 16:07:36,994 INFO event: Stopped session for 'GrouperSystem'

Can't tell what's happening here, don't know that error message. Might be a bug, blair will need to check it out upon return in 2 days.

That's a message from my new "" contrib item. The method in question starts around line 122:

private static boolean _grantPriv()

The line within _grantPriv that attempts to set the naming privilege is:

Grouper.naming().grant(s, g, m, priv)

Where s is session, g is the group, m is the member, and priv is the privilege ("STEM" or "CREATE")

"g" is supposed to be set by this line:

GrouperGroup g = GrouperGroup.load(s, stem, extn)
_verbose( stem + ":" + extn + " is " + g)

The second line generates the "wisc:doit:arch is null " message above.

So since "g" is null, the code doesn't attempt to call Grouper.naming().grant, but instead prints the "Failed...." message above.

It makes sense that there isn't really a "group" wisc:doit:arch to be loaded since that's just a naming stem. I'm just not sure what to do instead. I'm having great fun learning a bit about Grouper guts, though.




Keith Hazelton Senior IT Architect, UW-Madison
(608) 262-0771 Division of Info. Technology
(608) 877-0977 (home) 1210 W. Dayton St., rm. 2164 Madison, WI 53706

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