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grouper-dev - [grouper-dev] Notes from Grouper Call 27-July-2016

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[grouper-dev] Notes from Grouper Call 27-July-2016

Chronological Thread 
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  • Subject: [grouper-dev] Notes from Grouper Call 27-July-2016
  • Date: Tue, 9 Aug 2016 12:29:44 +0000
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Notes from Grouper Call 27-July-2016


Chris Hyzer, U. Penn, (chair)

Shilen Patel, Duke

Jim Fox, University of Washington

Emily Eisbruch, Internet2


Action Items

[AI] (Chris) Configure sources.xml as properties file, not done

[AI] (Chris) work on ehcache xml 

[AI] (Chris)  show how to build new installer (DONE)

[AI] (Shilen) Work on Subject ordering (DONE) 

[AI] (Shilen) Work on  rules and effective memberships (Jira recently opened)

  • Put this in 2.3.1 or 2.4?

  • Shilen will decide - Shilen will start working in master

  • There will be some data  migration involved

[AI]  (Bert) respond to inquiry on Grouper-Users list on June 30  re pspng error

[AI]  (Chris)  Add to jira or roadmap and talk to Bert and John Gasper re Rules on an individual’s membership),  not done

[AI] (Bert) Put these in jira: Grace Periods, Membership Rules, People/Account subjects

[AI] (Misagh and Chris) work together on merge of multiple web.xml files for the gradle work (keep it)

[AI] (Misagh) create JIRA about patches and directories created during install

[AI] (Bert) Create patch for case-sensitivity issue 

[AI]  (Emily) switch Chris’s  Camtasia licence  from PC to MAC

[AI] Bert and GT team will look at the Grouper Deployment Guide authored by Columbia U , and Bill Thompson, and see how to share the helpful info in it

[AI] (Bert)  document the solution to “turn off old psp issue” that was raised on the list

[AI] (Bert) create Grouper-training videos. wiki has details on how to do the videos.

[AI] (Bert) create PSP-NG Training Video (after necessary patches) using Camtasia

[AI]: [Chris] continue to go through commits going back to 2.2 and make sure they are in Master , and address the TO DO’s -- Chris has done a lot but not all, it’s on release steps page.  [pending]

[AI] (Chris) make patching and upgrading work on a source directory (based on input from packaging survey) [after Grouper 2.3  release] [pending]


Current work tasks

Vivek – TIER API

  • Vivek has made a lot of progress and APIs are working on the demo server.

  • However, the SCIM Server from Penn State requires more work, including TomEE

  • To run Grouper web services you run TomCat

  • To run the TIER stuff you must run TomEE

  • Will discuss on today’s TIER API call at 3pm E

Misagh - gradle

Bert – PSPNG

Chris –working on patches, new WS call for Brown

  • Alternate names on groups for web services needed patch

  • This has been handled with  a patch

  • Add, delete and search and unit test for that is done

  • Existing services not changes, just 3 new operations added

  • Chris hopes to finish this work soon

Shilen – Patches

  • Issue with add and delete type at same time cause problem - patch done

  • control which attributes are displayed for a subject and in which order - patch done

  • Exception if subject identifier is updated to null - temp fix, need to look into underlying cause.

  • Failures in findAllChildStems - Partially fixed.  Need more work.

  • GroupUniqueExtensionHook doesn't work when moving a group - patch done.


·         Instrumentation

  • Shilen: this approach to Grouper instrumentation seems reasonable

  • Jim: better to send numbers rather than categorization of small, medium, large

  • Chris: agreed, unless reporting numbers will be considered private

  • Chris: could get domain name from the URL

  • Jim: Authentication of the data uploaded to TIER would be helpful, using a Cert, or an ID and Password, risk of junk data

  • Chris: if it’s not automatic, it won’t get done

Grouper Provisioning talk at TechEx - wait until Bert is on the call

Issue roundup

·         Bill Thompson initiative to harmonize terms and get started more easily with Grouper

·         Grouper scripting GSH ng (AI for Chris)

·         Change log error when unassigning type and deleting type together (DONE) 

·         Team dinner at tech ex

·         Instrumentation doc

·         Rebuilding Grouper installer - Shilen will test this

·         Duo integration

·         Privilege rules (add to grouper?)

·         Yoann PSP errors , NYU having same issue - (AI for Bert)

·         WS and alternate names

·         Add groups as members with rule? (add to grouper?) 

·         Psp group dn and attribute jiras

·         Limit external subject use

·         Deleted items in recently used (fix this?)

·         findBadMemberships() improvements?  (AI for Shilen - create Jira)

·         Grouper packaging 

·         Java melody monitoring

             -Chris installed this on the demo server

             -tell Chris if you have ideas, the TIER Instrumentation team is working on this

·         Problem with stems user can see

·         Control subject attributes on new ui

·         Subject identifier null

·         Group hook old data

·         Nested groups in ldap loader (someone help?) (AI for chris)

Grouper Roadmap:

  • Recently the Grouper team has primarily been doing patches for Grouper 2.3

  • Soon we need to start on the big issues for Grouper 2.4

Internet2 Tech Ex in Miami

  • Grouper BOF at Tech Ex in Miami 

Tuesday 9/27/16 2:30PM-3:20PM

  • Grouper Provisioning: Locally and Cloud program session at Tech Ex in Miami

Monday, 09/26/16 10:20AM-11:10AM

Next Grouper Call: Wed., Aug. 10, 2016

Emily Eisbruch, Work Group Lead, Trust and Identity

office: +1-734-352-4996 | mobile +1-734-730-5749

  • [grouper-dev] Notes from Grouper Call 27-July-2016, Emily Eisbruch, 08/09/2016

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