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grouper-dev - [grouper-dev] Draft Minutes: Grouper call 8-May-2013

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[grouper-dev] Draft Minutes: Grouper call 8-May-2013

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  • Subject: [grouper-dev] Draft Minutes: Grouper call 8-May-2013
  • Date: Thu, 16 May 2013 18:09:11 +0000
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Draft Mintues: Grouper Call 8-May-2013


Tom Barton, U. Chicago (chair)  
Chris Hyzer, University of Pennsylvania  
Shilen Patel, Duke University
David Langenberg, U. Chicago
Jim Fox, University of Washington
Steve Olshansky, Internet2
Emily Eisbruch, Internet2, scribe

New Action Items

[AI] (Tom) update the Grouper Roadmap in preparation for the Virtual Working Group on May 20 at  noon ET

[AI] (Emily) draft a slide on outreach, using the Grouper Training, contribution on the wiki, etc

[AI] (Tom) add to the agenda for a future call: steps towards getting more info on who is using Grouper

[AI] (Shilen) email users lists to ask who is using the legacy attributes and ask how they are using it

[AI] (Chris) will coordinate  2.1.4 release

Carry Over Action Items

[AI] (Emily) look at thread on attributes and permissions and make suggestions on improving wiki doc if needed.  

[AI] (Chris) upgrade the Grouper demo to the latest Grouper version 2.1


Planning for Grouper at IAM Online Virtual Working Groups

Grouper Virtual Working Group is Monday, May 20 at noon ET.


Welcome, orientation to the Virtual Working Groups - Tom

* Intro to Grouper - Tom
* Project status & recent news – Chris (perhaps with input from Shilen and DaveL)
     * v2.1
     * v2.2
* demo of new UI  -- won't do live demo, will show screenshots (Chris)

* Brief campus case studies: what we're doing with Grouper and why
     * Chris Bongaarts, University of Minnesota
     * Michael Hodges, University of Hawaii

* Longer term roadmap – Look over Grouper product roadmap (Tom)
* Mention of SCIM work (Tom)

[AI] (Tom) update the Grouper Roadmap in preparation for the Virtual Working Group on May 20 at  noon ET

[AI] (Emily) draft a slide on outreach, using the Grouper Training, contribution on the wiki etc.

PSP Update & Outlook

Dave is working on PSP, including looking at performance issues. Some improvements have been made around change logs.

The group discussed possible approaches for on-going PSP development. Since PSP is based on SPML, optimizations around LDAP operation batching are challenging. Integrating PSP more tightly with Grouper could enable greater optimizations. An advantage to continuing with the PSP's SMPL approach is that it enables the potential to have source and target not related to Grouper. Removing SPML from the PSP would require a re-write. Dave noted that using the Shib Attribute Resolver in the PSP adds overhead. If PSP configuration was not done with the Shib Attribute Resolver, then properties files and the _expression_ language could be used. This would require users to change their current configuration. It was noted that the PSP is currently easy to configure for people who are familiar with Shib and Spring.

Jim stated that the PSP is not fast enough to accommodate the requirements at U. Washington, particularly batching group updates to large group memberships.
The issue is in keeping LDAP up to date with Grouper. Dave noted a more efficient approach could involve queuing events in the PSP using an asynchronous, multi-threaded multi-connection approach. The group will return to considering PSP strategy after Dave has gotten further into it.

Dave is targeting end of July to have some enhancements to the PSP.  We expect to receive more feedback from University of Utah around their experience with the PSP.

Grouper 2.1.4. Release

Chris is finishing work on the Grouper 2.1.4 release. Chris plans to send a note to the core group to do testing.
Dave will continue working in the 2.1 branch of Grouper.

Apereo Conference

Registration is going well for the Grouper preconference seminar at the Apereo Conference on Sunday June 2, 2013. Bill Thompson and Chris Hyzer will lead the seminar:

Grouper SCIM Work

Discussions with SURFnet around a Grouper SCIM integration have been going well.

New Grouper UI

-For the new Grouper UI, Chris is wrapping up the work on user preferences modules, to be used for handling favorites, recently used objects, etc.
-Dojo custom tags will be used to implement combo boxes.  Chris has solves issues around the "throbber" and dependencies on screens.
-Chris plans to put this work into trunk so others can review it.

Legacy Attribute Work 

Shilen is making changes in the API related to the Legacy Attribute Migration. After that, Shilen plans to work on hooks and database views.
Shilen has realized that in some cases, the migration could be less smooth than hoped. If a Grouper deployment has privileges with attributes that are based on individuals and not groups, then one result of the migration could be that group admin might no longer have complete access to delegate access to those attributes.

[AI] (Shilen) email users list to ask who is using the legacy attributes and ask how they are using it.

Next Call: Wed. 22-May-2013

Emily Eisbruch, Technology Transfer Analyst
office: +1-734-352-4996 | mobile +1-734-730-5749

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