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grouper-dev - [grouper-dev] Draft Minutes: Grouper Call, 13-March-2013

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[grouper-dev] Draft Minutes: Grouper Call, 13-March-2013

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  • Subject: [grouper-dev] Draft Minutes: Grouper Call, 13-March-2013
  • Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2013 14:38:31 +0000
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Minutes, Grouper call 13-March-2013


Tom Barton, U. Chicago (chair)  
Chris Hyzer, University of Pennsylvania  
Shilen Patel, Duke University
David Langenberg, U. Chicago
Jim Fox, University of Washington
Bill Thompson, Unicon
Emily Eisbruch, Internet2, scribe

New Action Items

[AI] Dave find out about switching the namespace access from TomZ

Carry Over Action Items

[AI] (Chris) investigate issues around Java 7 and JUNIT  
[AI] (Emily) look at thread on attributes and permissions and make
suggestions on improving wiki doc if needed.
[AI] SteveO share the Grouper Download page notification with Andrew to
get his input  
[AI] (Chris) upgrade the Grouper demo to the latest Grouper version 2.1
[AI] (unassigned) add info to the wiki regarding doing testing on
[AI] (unassigned) put test data in the Grouper demo to show using an LDAP


Grouper Services

Chris finished the work on "Services  in Grouper", which will officially be released as part of Grouper 2.2

This services feature allows
-searching for the services for a user (based on service role [user|admin]) and 
-searching for the users for a service (based on service role). 

The service attribute definition can be created via GSH or the UI . Services can be exposed in th API, WS, and client.

Chris is looking at adding finder method chaining in the API to facilitate queries.
This will allow for more flexible searching in the web services using "and" criteria.

Eventually there may some services use cases related to provisioning, to arrange
provisioning on a service basis. For example, perhaps the PSP provisions
to those users who are identified through a services filter. 

A use case might also exist for virtual organizations, who often want keep their
subjects separate from the parent organization's subjects.

Provisioning Service Provider (PSP)

-Dave has gotten access to systems he needs to move forward on PSP work; including AD

-Where to house the openSPML library ?
-Maven Central Repository does not have an artifact for it, it has not been changed since 2006
-As long as we don't need maintenance to the openSMPL library, we are fine
-we should minimize the number of places we have artifacts
-Decision: Put openSPML on Sonatype in Maven Central and refer to it.
-We are not making a commitment to maintain it

[AI] (Dave) find out about switching the namespace access from TomZ

PSP Top Issues

-Bad error messages
-Doc needs improvement
-Too slow to provide effective real time update  
-Too slow to provide large batch updates

PSP Top things for Dave to Work on:

-Message bus integration (for Grouper)
-Google groups connector
-SCIM support
-Attribute based provision
-Open Identity Connector Framework adaptor

Legacy Attribute Migration

Shilen is working on the making changes to the API for the legacy attribute migration.

UI Work

-Chris is working on the backend work for the new UI.
-His focus has been on the splash page and how to store preferences in the registry
-Should be generic so any UI can take advantage of it.
-The user with a favorite or a recently used group is added to a hidden UI group
-The membership of that has an attribute with some JSON data about preferences or favorites or recently used groups
-Have another column in the member table
-This approach uses groups and attribute framework to store the user profile data

APEREO Conference

-Bill has submitted a proposal for the Apereo conference in June in San Diego to do a pre-conference seminar on Grouper
-These tend to be on Sunday 1/2 day or full day
-UNICON could put it together, and would welcome additional participation
-TomB not available; Chris may be available depending on funding and other issues
-Shilen and Bill did intro to Grouper session at last year's conference,+Two+Fish,+Red+Fish,+Blue+Fish+-+An+Introduction+to+Grouper
-This year, hope to be more hands on, with more technical detail
-including best practices, real world use cases


Grouper Call cancelled for March 27 2013

Next Grouper Call: Wed. April 10, 2013

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