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  • From: Shilen Patel <>
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  • Subject: Manage Groups
  • Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2007 19:06:40 -0400


Not sure if this will be helpful, but here are some stats using YourKit. Using a user who only had admin privileges to one group, I monitored the CPU while going to the "Manage Groups" section in the UI. The total time to load the page was 14.54 seconds. Notice that this time is a lot less than the 30 seconds I mentioned before because of the new database server we're using and the index modifications I mentioned before.

The following is for SQL related calls with the total time and invocation count.

org.apache.commons.dbcp.PoolingDataSource$PoolGuardConnectionWrapper.close() - 2.03 seconds - 968
SET TRANSACTION READ WRITE - 1.75 seconds - 1936
org.apache.commons.dbcp.DelegatingStatement.close() - 1.14 seconds - 1038

Over 2000 SELECT statements were also executed that in total took 7.90 seconds. The top three queries in terms of execution time and invocation count are the following:

select as id, hibernatem0_.member_uuid as member_u2_, hibernatem0_.subject_id as subject_id, hibernatem0_.subject_source as subject_4_, hibernatem0_.subject_type as subject_5_ from grouper_members hibernatem0_ where (hibernatem0_.subject_id=? )and(hibernatem0_.subject_source=? )and(hibernatem0_.subject_type=? )

select as id, hibernatem0_.owner_id as owner_id, hibernatem0_.member_id as member_id, hibernatem0_.list_name as list_name, hibernatem0_.list_type as list_type, hibernatem0_.mship_type as mship_type, hibernatem0_.via_id as via_id, hibernatem0_.depth as depth, hibernatem0_.parent_membership as parent_m9_, hibernatem0_.membership_uuid as members10_, hibernatem0_.creator_id as creator_id, hibernatem0_.create_time as create_12_ from grouper_memberships hibernatem0_ where (hibernatem0_.owner_id=? )and(hibernatem0_.member_id=? )and(hibernatem0_.list_name=? )and(hibernatem0_.list_type=? )

select as id, hibernateg0_.uuid as uuid, hibernateg0_.parent_stem as parent_s3_, hibernateg0_.creator_id as creator_id, hibernateg0_.create_time as create_t5_, hibernateg0_.modifier_id as modifier6_, hibernateg0_.modify_time as modify_t7_, hibernateg0_.create_source as create_s8_, hibernateg0_.modify_source as modify_s9_ from grouper_groups hibernateg0_ where (hibernateg0_.uuid=? )

There were also 7 LDAP queries that took .07 seconds.

-- Shilen

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