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grouper-dev - Re: [grouper-dev] Comments on customizing the grouper UI

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Re: [grouper-dev] Comments on customizing the grouper UI

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  • From: Joy Veronneau <>
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  • Subject: Re: [grouper-dev] Comments on customizing the grouper UI
  • Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2005 17:17:34 -0500


Here is a description of the files I had to change that I think will need to be revisited with a new release. I think that all of these mods were in the instructions for grouper-ui customization. (I just want to mention again that I was *not* working with the qs release.)

1. Copied into my custom directory and added my style sheet reference.

2. Made a custom version of tiles-def.xml and struts-config.xml. I copied the entire files into my Cornell directory and then edited them, but it looks like I can pare these down to Cornell mods only which would overwrite the grouper defined ones so I don't think these files are of concern wrt new versions. Is that correct?

3. Made my own additional-build.xml file - This lives in my cornell specific directory and I don't expect to have to make changes when the new version comes out.

4. web.core.xml - added the definition for my custom struts-config- cornell.xml file.

5. I made copies of and changed the following jsps... I'll probably customize more jsps after the next release. These should be fine with the new version but I'll probably check to see what's changed in the grouper version:

gettingstarted.jsp (actually haven't *changed* it yet but plan to)
head.jsp (took out those grouper and signet style sheet references.)

I think that's all wrt the UI customization. I haven't got the web service working yet but it looks like I can add it into the project by just adding to my cornell directory and my additional-build.xml file.


One question is how easy it will be to port the customization from
release to release. It seems that there are less than five files that
need to be edited outside of the "cornell" directory (web.core.xml,, etc.)
There is a mechanism for merging web.xml fragments designed to make changes to web.core.xml unnecessary, however, the first release was buggy and I doubt it will work in all cases, however, if you send me the modifications I'll have a go at getting them to work by merging.

If you can let me know all the changes you had to make to files outside of your cornell directory. I'll try and figure out if the changes could have been accommodated a different way or if there are other changes I can make so that the files do not need to be modified in future.

and then I will want to compare the jsp
templates I have copied for Cornell with the new versions to check for
any new functionality that I might want to incorporate. So I'm thinking
it's not too much trouble. Any other comments/ideas on this?

Hopefully, this is the information you were looking for when you asked
for my comments :) Feel free to write with questions etc.
This is all very useful. I'm sure that taking account of your feedback and that of others will help us fine tune the UI architecture and implementation so that it is easier for future adopters of Grouper.


GW Brown, Information Systems and Computing

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