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GUI testing.

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  • From: jpb <>
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  • Subject: GUI testing.
  • Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2005 09:49:55 -0400

I finally had some time to install the grouper GUI and got it working about 10 pm last night.

I'm running it on Solaris 10 using Tomcat 5 and hsqldb.

I didn't get a lot of testing done last night but I can already see my subject provisioning is a bit lacking.

This is a great way to spot things such as subject searching shortcomings.
Hopefully I start mass populating and tinkering, I hope to have more to say then.

Luckily I had the benefit of folks like Tom's, Blair, Minh and the rest of the trailblazers.
GW's new quickstart and doc was a big help.

Unfortunately I rescheduled a meeting when I received the call cancellation for today.
I'll try to join if I'm able, perhaps dual calls.

I've also recently received a request for a real life 'use case' involving intersection.

Someone wants to set up a target mail group of only the graduate students in a particular academic department.

So I'll put in the plug for intersection as well as union for 1.0 (as well as rw subject api!!)

If it is not in 1.0 it should be straight forward to create a simple intersection class.

foreach object in hash A
if object is not in hash B
remove it from A
foreach object in hash B
if object is not in hash A
add it to A

A is the intersection.

A.removeAll(B) // difference
A.addAll(B) // union
A.retainAll(B) // difference

I use these to find the ldap ismember differences.


  • GUI testing., jpb, 08/24/2005

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