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comanage-users - [comanage-users] COmanage Newsletter #14 - November 2022

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[comanage-users] COmanage Newsletter #14 - November 2022

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  • From: Laura Paglione <>
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  • Subject: [comanage-users] COmanage Newsletter #14 - November 2022
  • Date: Tue, 6 Dec 2022 14:52:46 -0700

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ISSUE #14 | November 30, 2022

New Things

If you have been curious about the work that the team has been doing on COmanage Registry version 5.0.0, this is your month. Here we highlight some of this work, including what components we have been prioritizing, how we are thinking about the user interface of this new version, and rough ideas about timing. Our Open Office Hours will be LIVE! at Technology Exchange in Denver with a broadcast through zoom for those who won’t be there in person.

Open Office Hours LIVE!! - December 7 (DIFFERENT TIME)

This month we’re taking advantage to our attendance at Technology Exchange in Denver to do a LIVE! version of our monthly Open Office Hours. We will still host our online version, so please join us even if you will not be in Denver this week. 

Do you have a question about deploying or configuring Registry or Match? Want to get some input on a solution architecture design? Want to hear how your colleagues in the community are solving problems similar to yours? Each month you can bring your topics for discussion to the call. No need to register or spin up a presentation (but feel free if it suits you!); just show up! A short conversation starter kicks off each session to help get the discussion started.

Wednesday, December 7 at 12:30 PM (America/Denver) (no registration necessary)

LIVE: Director’s Row I, Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel

IN YOUR TIMEZONE & link for your calendar

Topic Aperitif: COmanage Registry 5.0.0 (PE)

COmanage Registry is undergoing a significant update with version 5.0.0. With a substantial upgrade to the underlying development framework, CakePHP, we are taking the opportunity to review current Registry uses and adjust the code and features to better align with how the system is being used today. For this month’s “topic aperitif” we will discuss the expected changes, share some exciting functionality and interface updates, and talk about timing. We look forward to your questions, comments, and suggestions, both about this update and any other COmanage topics.

COmanage Registry v5 - Looking good…

COmanage Registry 5.0.0 person canvas draft

We are so excited about the planned UI/UX updates to COmanage Registry. Influenced from feedback from those participating in Registry training, we have been re-thinking the application information to ensure that functionality are grouped in intuitive ways. We have been seeking ways to present information so important items are noticed quickly and easily, and the ability to update and interact with this information is straight-forward. 

This one picture of the Registry person canvas inspires many more than a thousand words from us. Tune into Open Office Hours to see a peak of the updates planned for the Person Canvas and the rest of Registry.

COmanage News

This newsletter section is designed to provide additional transparency on the day-to-day workings of COmanage. Have ideas about other information that we should include? Let us know on the #incommon-comanage slack channel or by emailing Laura!


We are so excited that several sessions will focus COmanage tools at Internet2’s Technology EXchange this December 5-9 in Denver, CO, USA:

Making it Sticky: Offering Shared Services via InCommon Glue

Have services you want to offer schools in your state or region, but it’s tough to manage the individual access details? Want to help your member schools access those shared services and the world of academic collaboration?

The community has news for you! Join us to hear OARnet’s experience this year and learn how the InCommon community has been working on several initiatives to help a diversity of organizations to participate. There are also education programs and partner-provided tools to help bridge the gap. Please join us to explore resources available to support your needs.

Bridging the Divide: Dynamic MFA Using PrivacyIDEA, SATOSA, and COmanage

A growing number of Service Providers (SPs) require their users to sign in using Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) to ensure that SP-provided resources are securely accessed. However, federated Identity Providers (IdPs) are still evolving in their support for MFA. A flexible bridge solution is needed.

To address this challenge, the NIAID Discovery and Collaboration Platform (NDCP) developed a Dynamic MFA solution that uses campus MFA assertions when available and NDCP MFA when not. This solution combines three powerful tools: 1) PrivacyIDEA for token management and runtime authentication, 2) COmanage for NDCP MFA registration when IdPs don't provide MFA, and 3) SATOSA for SAML assertion and flow management. MFA-secured authentication from IdPs can be used directly even if the IdP does not signal it, and can automatically adjust when an IdP starts signaling MFA.

Join us to learn why Dynamic MFA is essential for Virtual Organizations looking to leverage federated MFA, and how to make it work. Presenters will cover implementation and code release, the MFA deployment process, and challenges/lessons learned along the way.


And, of course, we hope to collaborate with you as you phoBring Your Own COmanage Topic (BYOCT) to Advanced CAMP - the unconference component of CAMP week at Technology EXchange.

That’s it for this month’s newsletter. Keep an eye out for our next one scheduled for late December. We hope to welcome you during our Open Office Hours on December 7th!

About The COmanage Project

COmanage is an Open Source Project that is focused on streamlining digital lifecycle management for your populations. It consists of two tools: Registry and Match. 

COmanage Registry is an identity registry with flexible enrollment and lifecycle management capabilities that helps you meet your identity management objectives using standardized tools and approaches. It can be used as a central person registry, a guest management system, or a collaboration hub for scholarly collaborations.

COmanage Match performs identity de-duplication in order to help minimize the creation of duplicate accounts for the same individual. It provides a heuristic-based system for matching identity records across multiple authoritative systems of record. Match can be used with Registry or as a standalone product complementary to your other tools.

Learn more about the project and its supporters at

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See the COmanage Email Lists wiki page for more details.


Be different.

Laura Paglione

  • [comanage-users] COmanage Newsletter #14 - November 2022, Laura Paglione, 12/06/2022

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