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comanage-users - [comanage-users] COmanage Newsletter #4 - January 2022

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[comanage-users] COmanage Newsletter #4 - January 2022

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  • From: Laura Paglione <>
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  • Subject: [comanage-users] COmanage Newsletter #4 - January 2022
  • Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2022 13:48:08 -0500

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ISSUE #4 | January 26, 2022

New Connections

This month we have been thinking about connections. Connections between the Registry and both inbound and outbound systems are well supported through a rich set of plugins. (new wiki page!) The connection to PeopleSoft will be our mini topic for Open Office Hours led by COmanage users at SMU. And as you are contemplating all of those connections, the timing is perfect for the COmanage Match v1.0.0 which will be released any day now.

Open Office Hours - Feb 4

Do you have a question on deploying or configuring Registry or Match? Want to get some input on a solution architecture design? Want to hear how your colleagues in the community are solving problems similar to yours? Each month you can bring your topics for discussion to the call. No need to register or spin up a presentation (but feel free if it suits you!), just show up!

Friday, February 4 at 12:00 PM (America/New York) (no registration necessary)

IN YOUR TIMEZONE & link for your calendar

February’s Topic Aperitif: COmanage & PeopleSoft

At the last ACAMP conference, we had a great session about how to use COmanage in conjunction with PeopleSoft. For this month’s “topic aperitif” we welcome Tommy Doan and the team from SMU to share their experiences with integrating PeopleSoft and COmanage. We will follow this 15 min chat with a discussion of your choosing. Bring your questions, comments, and suggestions for office hours with the COmanage project team.

It’s coming! Match 1.0.0!

COmanage Match Release Candidate 2 (RC2) was released on January 11. We expect all of the feedback is in and that we will be releasing version 1.0.0 in the next week or so! Match is new software that performs identity de-duplication to help minimize the unintentional creation of multiple accounts for the same individual. Match can be used with Registry or as a standalone product that can be used with your other tools.

Some helpful links:

We welcome your questions about COmanage Match during open office hours!

COmanage News

This new newsletter section is designed to provide additional transparency on the day-to-day workings of COmanage. We’re starting small with a high-level update from the development team. We are looking forward to hearing your ideas on what other information we can include.

Framework Migration Progress: We continue to work on the migration of the Registry codebase to the new version of CakePHP (Registry v5.0.0). We have set up a group of small internal milestones to track our progress. Each milestone sets up the underlying architecture of part of the COmanage model. We are excited to be close to finishing up the first of these milestones, Milestone Release 1 (MR1). It includes the initial migration of the CO person model to the new framework. We also have been working on new designs for the next generation user interface! While it is too early to download and try out the in-progress work, you can see in Jira what is included using this COmanage Registry v5.0.0 Milestone Release 1 filter or take a look at the project task list.

Why is the milestone release called PE? Fun fact! When looking at Jira tickets and development team notes about the COmanage Framework Migration (CFM) project, you may see reference to ‘PE’ (for example, “PE Milestone 1”). PE stands for “Pupal Eclosion”, the name of the v5.0.0 release. Our release names are always very specifically chosen; cue the internet searching… ;-)

Goodbye for now...

That’s it for this month’s newsletter; keep an eye out for our next one scheduled for late February. We hope to see you at our Open Office Hours on February 4th!

About The COmanage Project

COmanage is an Open Source Project that is focused on streamlining digital lifecycle management for your populations. It consists of two tools: Registry and Match. 

COmanage Registry is an identity registry with flexible enrollment and lifecycle management capabilities that helps you meet your identity management objectives using standardized tools and approaches. It can be used as a central person registry, a guest management system, or a collaboration hub for scholarly collaborations.

COmanage Match performs identity de-duplication in order to help minimize the creation of duplicate accounts for the same individual. It provides a heuristic-based system for matching identity records across multiple authoritative systems of record. Match can be used with Registry or as a standalone product complementary to your other tools.

Learn more about the project and its supporters at

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  • [comanage-users] COmanage Newsletter #4 - January 2022, Laura Paglione, 01/28/2022

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