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comanage-users - Re: [comanage-users] COmanage Release Cadence

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Re: [comanage-users] COmanage Release Cadence

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  • From: Bill Thompson <>
  • To: Benn Oshrin <>
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  • Subject: Re: [comanage-users] COmanage Release Cadence
  • Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2018 16:38:35 -0500
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On Tue, Nov 13, 2018 at 11:36 AM Benn Oshrin
> Hi all,
> One of the issues we've been thinking about within the project is our
> release cadence. Our last feature release was 10 months ago (v3.1.0,
> back in February, with two release candidates in January), and before
> that v2.0.0 was released in April 2017. (v3.0.0 was released in
> September 2017, but was mostly a UI refresh.) So basically we have a
> slow release cycle with each release having a bundle of new features.
> We could consider changing this process. At the opposite end of the
> spectrum, we could cut a release for each new feature. Or perhaps as a
> middle ground, we could schedule (say) quarterly releases, and then
> whatever is ready (which could be nothing) gets included in that
> release. Regardless, we would continue with bug fix releases as needed
> for issues affecting production instances, or for security issues.
> If we were to switch to a faster model, we'd release v3.2.0 ASAP (in
> spite of the large number of issues flagged for this release), most
> likely before the end of November. We'd then begin the accelerated cycle
> after that.
> So some questions for the community...
> - Has the slow release cycle been problematic for you as a deployer?
> -- If not, why not? (eg: You are comfortable running from develop; you
> are in no rush to get new features; etc.)

No, the release cycle has not been problematic. The software has been
stable and current capabilities sufficient for our current use case.

> - If you would prefer a faster release cycle, would you be more inclined
> to update to each release, or just to those with features or fixes you
> were interested in?

Would prefer stable releases that are supported with bug fixes and
security patches for a reasonable amount of time.

> Feel free to add any further comments on this topic you might have, and
> to reply to me directly if you'd prefer not to reply on list.
> Thanks,
> -Benn-

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