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comanage-users - Re: [comanage-users] writing my first comanage plugin

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Re: [comanage-users] writing my first comanage plugin

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  • From: Benn Oshrin <>
  • To: Dave Dykstra <>
  • Cc:
  • Subject: Re: [comanage-users] writing my first comanage plugin
  • Date: Fri, 19 May 2017 18:57:23 -0400
  • Ironport-phdr: 9a23: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

On 5/19/17 10:23 AM, Dave Dykstra wrote:

> Ok, good to know. So I am seeing no extra entry there. I enabled
> debugging the way Scott showed me (with "Configure::write('debug', 2)
> in app/Config/core.php) and it says
> Notice (8): Undefined index: pl.dirviewer.viewmenu [APP/Lib/lang.php,
> line 1797]
> That at least tells me that the plugin is doing something, which is all
> I really wanted to know.

This simply means that the function for rendering localized text was
passed a key that is not defined anywhere. Without the text string, the
menu item can't render.

> Can you give me any pointers about specifically writing a plugin to add
> custom data items to the CO person page? It looks like I need to
> somehow add to the CoPeople view.

At the moment, there are no mechanisms for plugins to insert content
into existing page views. The two possible approaches you could look at are

(1) Insert a menu link to your plugin, which can then render whatever it
wants via its own views.

(2) Fork the code and customize to your liking. Obviously this is less
desirable from a long-term maintenance perspective.

I think we'd be interested in exploring the possibilities for plugin
extension points within the existing page views. Feel free to file an
enhancement request in JIRA, and if it turns out to be a small enough
change we might be able to sneak it into the roadmap for an upcoming



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