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comanage-users - Re: [comanage-users] Trouble with the Comanage Release 2 VM

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Re: [comanage-users] Trouble with the Comanage Release 2 VM

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  • From: Jeremy Rosenberg <>
  • To: Scott Koranda <>
  • Cc: "" <>
  • Subject: Re: [comanage-users] Trouble with the Comanage Release 2 VM
  • Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2017 09:30:55 -0800
  • Ironport-phdr: 9a23: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

Thanks Scott

For future reference,  I started on this page originally:

Which suggests that questions specific to a given software component of TIER should go to the list for the given component.  But it sounds like there is a TIER specific place I should be going for questions arising from the TIER packages.  

Should I be using ?  That address appears to be for “Comments and Feedback”.

I don’t want to spam the wrong lists.


On Feb 13, 2017, at 3:15 AM, Scott Koranda <> wrote:

Hi Jeremy,

Ok, so I have the application running, the integration with TIER testbed works
fine.  I’m now having trouble because I’m not receiving the invitation emails.
This might just be my unfamiliarity with php, but I assume I have configured
something incorrectly and would like to check the logs.  Any tips on where the
application logs something like an email error?

I think you will want to check the system logs for the
VirtualBox VM in general, and then specifically you can look
for the presence of a COmanage error.log file which may be
generated, but it depends on the specific issue.

The TIER release exposes the COmanage log files differently
and right now I do not have a TIER COmanage VirtualBox
instance spun up so I cannot look in detail.

I am going to forward your email to the TIER COmanage
packaging team and work with you to get a more specific


Scott K

Jeremy Rosenberg
Manager, CalNet Identity and Access Management 
UC Berkeley

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