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Internet2 Mailing List Service

Deleting the list

In the list administration module, click on 'Remove list'. A confirmation message displays; click on 'OK'.

Be careful: if you delete the list, you will not be able to reopen it yourself!!! If you want to reopen the list, you will have to ask the listmasters.

In real terms, what are the consequences of a list deletion?

  • All subscribers are immediately unsubscribed automatically (including owners and moderators).
  • The message archive is preserved but no one can access it anymore.
  • The documents published in the shared document web space are preserved but no one can access them anymore.
  • Only the listmasters have the power to reopen the list; if they do, the former list subscribers will automatically be subscribed again.

Be careful: due to a slight latency, the list pages remain accessible for a while if you know their addresses. Then they will become fully unavailable.

If you want the list and all the associated files to be deleted permanently, you will have to ask the listmasters.

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