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Subject: SIP in higher education

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  • From: Daniel-Constantin Mierla <>
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  • Date: Thu, 01 Mar 2007 00:58:43 +0200


somehow related to the conference I participated last autumn regarding openser, I should mention that global AVPs were not added in upcoming 1.2.0, but the usual AVPs (per transaction) can be used in onreply_route -- the feature requested by many and the main driver in the past to look at adding global AVPs.

Most of the other features in TODO list at that moment are in place right now: SRV-based failover, IP blacklists, SIMPLE presence&XCAP, SNMP and substantially improved config scriping via script variables and transformations:

In my opinion, interesting for deployments might be the new PERL module -- this is an interface to execute embedded Perl scripts. It is similar to AGI interface in Asterisk, so one can have access to many internals of OpenSER in the Perl script, as well as to different functions that can be used in openser config file. Could be good for your LDAP checks/operations. The module already includes kind of LDAP connectivity library -- see more at:

Alternative, but not that flexible, is exec_avp() from exec module which can be used to execute external application and return the result lines in AVPs.

ETA for 1.2.0 is March 12 (testing started at beginning of February), by then a page with detailed new features should be available on project's site.


On 02/27/07 18:02, Alan Crosswell wrote:
Interesting validation of [Open]SER:

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Subject: [Users] CISCO & OpenSER & more ...
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2007 20:06:19 +0200
From: Daniel-Constantin Mierla




OpenSER was chosen to be the SIP proxy of Cisco Service Node for Linksys
One. That shows the very good level of stability and flexibility as well
as wide set of capabilities in OpenSER:

I would like to express my thanks to all supporting the project by any
means (coding, testing, community support ...). Release 1.2.0 is
knocking at the door -- it is a huge step forward since 1.1.0 adding lot
of new stuff, plus a handful of improvements to existing features, just
to remember some of news in 1.2.0:
- SIMPLE Presence support
- JAVA SIP Servlet Application Server (
- script variables
- DNS failover
- IP blacklists
- XMPP IM gateway
- SIP session timers
- secure federation peering
- retransmission timer accuracy
- automatic error handling

So, here I wanted to get: help with testing 1.2.0 is very appreciated
these days :-)

For those looking forward to meet other OpenSER folks, the next two
major events are:
- Fosdem, Brussels, Belgium, this weekend
- Von Spring, San Jose, USA, in March


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