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Subject: SIP in higher education

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  • From: Alan Crosswell <>
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  • Subject: Re: [] Call Notes - 1/19
  • Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2006 18:36:29 -0500

Is this about * in a query or wildcard RRs? Bind 9 for the later I believe.

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On Thu, 26 Jan 2006 15:05:28 -0800 "John Todd"
>At 8:19 AM -0500 1/26/06, Dennis Baron wrote:
>>UCSD believes that their version BIND won't work with an asterisk in the
>>domain name; he's not sure what version you need, but they are scheduling
>>an upgrade. Ben would like to know the specific version number for the
>>cookbook if this turns out to be the problem.
>Hello -
> Sorry I missed this question in a voice context, as I missed the
>call for various reasons. I think that the question about the "*"
>character in BIND is a concern, but I'm not sure what the question is
>so I'm not sure that any part of the ISN system performs such a
>lookup. The "*" is stripped from any query originated from the local
>proxy - that is not a part of the NAPTR lookup, and the ISN system is
>100% RFC-compatible, and will not conflict with any BIND resolver.
> On the other hand, for other "dumb" hosts like Cisco that support
>ENUM only, there is possibly a way that a "*" is inserted in a DNS
>lookup, but I don't want to talk about that and confuse the issue
>unless that is the question. The only time "*" would be in a DNS
>query would be in the "hack" method for boxes that are not able to do
>any type of locally intelligent number re-writes. In any case, the
>supported method for intermediate ISN lookups via pure DNS for this
>hack isn't running BIND ( and BIND (even local
>resolvers) would not be involved in the hack since it requires
>pointing the resolver to the host...
>John Todd
>Networking, Tello Corp.
> +1-650-581-2405

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