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Subject: SIP in higher education

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  • From: "David Clarke" <>
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  • Subject: meeting today
  • Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 13:31:51 -0700

I wanted to address some of the concerns that the list members shared with me during this meeting.
- FailOver / Redundancy
  In the area of creating fail over systems and redundancy on the asterisk end.  I believe there is going to have to be a concerted effort by the university to build such a system. Just doing a casual search I found a possible product which will be able to provide some redundancy to your asterisk installation.
  What I am seeing currently is that without the usage many schools might not be willing to justify the extra hardware / complexity required to allow a second asterisk box to route calls using PSTN.
  I don't believe it is in the best interests of either our projects to develop such an expensive solution to the problem of redundancy.  (As the market matures I believe solutions will mature with it)
- Traffic Sharing
Traffic sharing is an option / not a requirement.  One thing we have found is that getting usage of the system is important from the onset.  We can setup systems which make it easy for calling to and from universities with added usage more innovation will occur. 
- Gizmo Project
 I just ran a test call and typed  Michael's @ ucla's e-mail address into my gizmo project phone and it correctly routed to his voicemail on the ucla campus. ! Great!
Try that with google talk :) ..
I think a lot of members of haven't tried out our client, and I would like to invite any of the members to try out the software and try calling any of the members. 
The signup / usage is extremely simple and works well. 
We want to encourage use of voice over ip by students as we think its fun to be able to forward your calls to your campus phone number for free and when you move just forward calls to your new phone number without having the hassle of actually "loosing" your number.
International students / faculty should be able to call the campus for free and this is what we can enable.
All the other stuff is just added functionality.
David Clarke

  • meeting today, David Clarke, 08/25/2005

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