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Subject: SIP in higher education

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Re: [] No Weekly Call Today

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  • From: (Dennis Baron)
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  • Subject: Re: [] No Weekly Call Today
  • Date: Thu, 02 Dec 2004 08:14:05 -0500

Sorry for the late notice - there will be no call today. I'll try to
have one more call before the holidays. As always please send me any
agenda topics.

Minutes from the last call follow. (Thanks Jeff!) Let me know if
there are any corrections.


-------- Conference Call November 18, 2004

Armin Brunner, Swiss Technical University
Dennis Baron, MIT
Matt Valenzisi, North Carolina State
Doug Walston, Cisco Systems
Tim Bastian, Penn State
Richard Machida, University of Alaska
Jeremy George, Yale University
Garrett Yoshimi, University Hawaii
Yul Pyun, University of Hawaii
Doug Foster, Cisco Systems
Mike Van Norman, UCLA
Ben Teitelbaum, Internet2
Jeff Kuure, Internet2 (scribe)

Today's call focuses on SIP deployment - questions, plans, and reports
from people putting ideas into practice. Richard mentions the
University of Alaska's recent SIP project in support of a research
station. Matt at NC State will be receiving equipment soon and will
have questions regarding setup and configuration. The majority of the
call is devoted to Armin discussing the SIP system at the Swiss
Technical University - an approximately 12,000 student / 7,000 staff
and faculty institution in Zurich. The goal of the implementation is
to make it easier for students to work from home - the school is in
the city, and space for labs is a genuine concern; SIP allows the
campus to be extended to where the people are. The goal is to allow
IM, video, and access for alumni to services rather than to replace
the desktop phone system. SIP allows experimentation, and this is the
first institution outside the US with such an setup. The project will
be in beta by January. Production with all features will follow by
April. Notes are available on the site
Right now IM is the missing link, as existing clients have failed to
meet all expectations. Many students already have an IM affiliation,
and converting these users to a new client would be difficult - but
this isn't the goal, SIP would just add another option. Video
currently works, but the quality suffers if someone is behind a NAT
device. Currently, the university is not looking to bundle long
distance service, as they do no billing now. The SIP numbers, however,
should be reachable from everywhere and be able to reach everything.
Follow-up discussions centered around discussion of proxy server
license issues, as well as questions regarding any impending low-end
Cisco SIP phones.

Next call will be Thursday, December 2 2004, 2:00 pm ET.


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