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Subject: SIP in higher education

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  • From: Alan Crosswell <>
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  • Subject: Re: [] Re: cisco SIP extensions
  • Date: Fri, 03 Sep 2004 12:50:19 -0400


I suspect that your PBX or GW wants to see 10-digit numbers. Try prefixing your CC-Diversion with your NPA-NX.

Steve Blair wrote:


Thanks for the reference. I have a question. Perhaps you or someone else
on this list can help answer it.

I am a Verizon Centrex customer. Inbound calls are presented to my Cisco 2620XM
router via a PRI . The called party number has 5 digits. When using the SER and
CC-Diversion header to redirect an unanswered call to our Octel voicemail system
I repeatedly get the following:

"Cause i = 0x809C - Invalid number format (incomplete number)"

After some digging it seems that Verizon wants me to send them more digits so
they can forward the call to the correct mailbox. This is consistent with the above
error. The problem is no one, did I say no one, seems to know how many digits
they want.

So the question is this. How can I manipulate the "Original Called Number" value
in the outbound ISDN setup message to contain more or less digits? This number is
the originally called number but I cannot seem to change it in any way.


Alan Crosswell wrote:

Try this one (sorry for all the clutter)

Alan Crosswell wrote:

mislinked url. Maybe this it:

Alan Crosswell wrote:

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