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shibboleth-users - Shibboleth conversations with BlogSpot or SurveyMonkey?

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Shibboleth conversations with BlogSpot or SurveyMonkey?

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  • From: Rob Carter <>
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  • Subject: Shibboleth conversations with BlogSpot or SurveyMonkey?
  • Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2008 13:28:43 -0400


I've recently received some questions from folks around campus about the possibility of working with two external providers -- (aka the Google Blog folks), and -- to shibbolize access to their services for some of our users.

Before we start up a conversation with the vendors (or start down the path of assessing their published APIs), I wanted to check and see if either (a) other sites might have already had discussions (or actual implementation success) with either vendor on this topic or (b) other sites might be interested in shib support for/from either or both of these services? I know there's been some good work done with Google around shibbolizing GoogleApps, but I'm not sure if it extends to (or could be extended to)

Feel free to contact me off-list, if you'd like to discuss further. If it turns out there's a great deal of interest, I'll be glad to summarize anything pertinent that comes out of discussions back to the list...

--Rob Carter--
--Duke University--

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  • Shibboleth conversations with BlogSpot or SurveyMonkey?, Rob Carter, 10/23/2008

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