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Multiple "hosts" in IIS

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  • From: Phil Dibowitz < >
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  • Cc: Ryan Bolger < >
  • Subject: Multiple "hosts" in IIS
  • Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2005 17:48:07 -0800

So I have a case where someone's made 2 "servers" in IIS, and we've setup the
shibboleth.xml here:

<RequestMap applicationId="default">
<Host name="">
<Path name="secure" requireSession="true"
<Host name="">
<Path name="secure" requireSession="true"

<ISAPI normalizeRequest="true">
<Site id="1" name=""/>
<Site id="807235992" name=""/>
</Implementation> works fine. half-works. It redirects to the IdP, but then it goes in an
infinite loop between the IdP and the SP... the shire.log shows things being

2005-02-25 16:05:58 DEBUG shibtarget.XMLRequestMapper [2036] isapi_shib
getApplicationFromParsedURL: mapped to
2005-02-25 16:05:58 DEBUG isapi_shib.HttpFilterProc [2036] isapi_shib: cookie
header is

I'm a bit confused.

Phil Dibowitz
Systems Architect and Administrator
Enterprise Infrastructure / ISD / USC
UCC 174 - 213-821-5427

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