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securingtutorial-2022-12 - [securingtutorial-2022-12] Internet2: Tutorial on Secure Coding Practices & Dependency Analysis Tools

Subject: TechEx 22- TUTORIAL: Secure Coding Practices & Automated Assessment Tools

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[securingtutorial-2022-12] Internet2: Tutorial on Secure Coding Practices & Dependency Analysis Tools

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  • From: Elisa Heymann <>
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  • Cc: Carlee Van Wagner <>, Barton Miller <>
  • Subject: [securingtutorial-2022-12] Internet2: Tutorial on Secure Coding Practices & Dependency Analysis Tools
  • Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2022 11:54:04 -0600
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Hi all,

You're receiving this e-mail because you registered for the tutorial on Secure Coding Practices and Dependency Analysis TooIs at Internet2.

For the hands-on part of the tutorial we've put all the required software in a virtual machine image.  Below are the instructions for you to download the VM.  Please run the VM image on your computer, and contact me if you have any issues.

If you have a new Mac with M1 or M2 processors (ARM) you won't be able to run VirtualBox.  In that case you'll work with a partner.

Looking forward to seeing you all next week in Denver.

    Elisa Heymann & Bart Miller


Install VirtualBox. The VirtualBox website ( has instructions necessary to do this step.

Once VirtualBox is downloaded and installed, download the tutorial VM image from . Make sure to save the downloaded file with the name "tools.ova". Check to make sure that there are no other file name extension, such as ".tar".

 Run VIrtualBox and go to "File->Import Appliance" and choose the tools.ova file you just downloaded. Once you have imported the machine, you should see the newly imported appliance listed in the left-hand panel of VirtualBox. Select the appliance and click the "Start" button located near the top of the VirtualBox window. Depending on your host system, it may take a few minutes to start the virtual machine.

Contact if you need help or have any questions.

  • [securingtutorial-2022-12] Internet2: Tutorial on Secure Coding Practices & Dependency Analysis Tools, Elisa Heymann, 11/30/2022

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