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sct-2010-11 - Re: [sct-2010-11] Internet2 Commons Site Coordinator Training Connection Info

Subject: Virtual Site Coordinator Training November 17, 2010

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Re: [sct-2010-11] Internet2 Commons Site Coordinator Training Connection Info

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  • From: Frank Fulchiero <>
  • To: Ben Fineman <>
  • Cc: , Nicholas Thompson <>
  • Subject: Re: [sct-2010-11] Internet2 Commons Site Coordinator Training Connection Info
  • Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2010 10:10:33 -0500

Hi, getting ready for the training.
Sorry if I'm emailing everyone, I only need one to response..Have three questions:

1. We have participated in this twice previously, using an older Polycom ViewStation H.323, updated to the latest software, 7.5.4.
Did not have any problems either time. 

It does not seem to dial higher than 768 kbps, and this year you are requesting 1 Mbps.
Is our lower speed a problem? We have a pretty clean connection to Abilene through Connecticut Education Network and guaranteed bandwidth on the Polycom.

2. I tried connecting to, the connection is fine, but DTMF 3546# gives me the message "Invalid Conference ID, try again"
I have a meeting until 12:45, so am trying to test before then. Is the room currently open? Not sure where the problem is.
I have tried to dial in both with GDS and IP, and am registered with the Commons Gatekeeper, our unit IP is

3. One of our participants, Edie Furniss, will be 60 min late. Is is allowed to record the conference, until she gets here, with an inexpensive camcorder, so she can catch up later? We will destroy the recording after she views it.

Thanks for all your effort and patience!

Frank Fulchiero
Digital Media Specialist
Connecticut College

On Nov 16, 2010, at 5:20 PM, Ben Fineman wrote:

Good afternoon,

Thank you for registering for the Internet2 Commons Site Coordinator Training. Please find the agenda and connection information following: 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010
Noon - 1:00 PM EST  Connecting and roll call
1:00 - 4:50 PM EST  Training
4:50 - 5:00 PM EST  Wrap-up

Connection information:

GDS Dialing Directions:
1. Register with a GDS-enabled Gatekeeper.
To borrow space see: 
2. Make sure you are connecting at up to 1 Mbps+
3. Dial 001189 780 3546 (no spaces)

IP Dialing Directions
1. Dial
2. Enable DTMF from the remote.
3. Enter 3546#
4. Do not forget to exit the DTMF Dial Pad.

Please make sure you connect at least 15 minutes before the training begins (12:45 EST). For technical support, call the Internet2 Commons Support Desk at +1-800-627-6420.

Thanks for participating in this Site Coordinator Training, and I will look forward to meeting you tomorrow!

Thank you,
Ben Fineman

Benjamin J. Fineman
Manager, Internet2 Commons

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734.352.4975 (desk)
734.417.0811 (mobile)

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