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routing-2019-03 - [routing-2019-03] GS19 - Security Workshop mixup

Subject: Routing Security Workshop

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[routing-2019-03] GS19 - Security Workshop mixup

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  • From: gcbrowni <>
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  • Subject: [routing-2019-03] GS19 - Security Workshop mixup
  • Date: Fri, 1 Mar 2019 09:23:55 -0500


TLDR; We’re giving a MANRs workshop at GS, but not the one you think we are.

It looks like there was a mistake with the description of this years security
workshop. The description that was used for the 2019 Global Summit workshop
is the exact same as the 2018 Technology Exchange workshop on MANRs. But …
that’s not the workshop we’ve been preparing for. Our 2019 Global Summit
Workshop is also focused on MANRs. While previous MANRS workshops have been
more academic in nature, the Global Summit workshop is more pragmatic in
nature. We have four members of the community giving talk on the specifics of
how to implement MANRs. Walking folks through the process in a step by step
basis on how to update your ARIN/routing registry contact data, and so on.

*) Michael Lambert is walking us though the Global Coordination subject, and
showing us how to update our contact information.
*) Matt Zekauskas is walking us through the Global Validation subject, and
showing us how to.
*) Andrew Gallo is walking us through the Anti-Spoofing subject, showing us
the specifics of implementation.
*) Larry Blunk is walking us through the Filtering subject, showing us IRR
filtering specifics.

I apologize for the mixup. If you’d like to cancel your registration then
send me a note and I’ll work with Internet2 on the specifics of a refund.

-Grover Browning

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  • [routing-2019-03] GS19 - Security Workshop mixup, gcbrowni, 03/01/2019

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