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perfsonar-announce - [perfsonar-announce] perfSONAR Important Dates

Subject: perfSONAR Announcements

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[perfsonar-announce] perfSONAR Important Dates

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  • From: Andrew Lake <>
  • To: "" <>,
  • Subject: [perfsonar-announce] perfSONAR Important Dates
  • Date: Tue, 15 Aug 2017 11:57:36 -0700
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This is a reminder of important perfSONAR software-related dates over the next year or so. Some of the dates that are further out are subject to change depending on actual development time, etc. 

The most imminent is on October 17th web100 support will be dropped and the perfSONAR team will no longer provide web100 kernels. web100 is required to run NDT, thus NDT on a perfSONAR box will no longer supported. This was shared and presented starting with the lead-up to the 4.0 release, so this is hopefully not news, just a reminder that the date is upon us in about two months. 

It's also worth noting that its expected 6 months after our next major release, 4.1, we will cease to support CentOS 6. Again we have stated this before, so this is just a reminder. It's still almost a year away, but the sooner you can migrate to CentOS 7 the better prepared you will be.

You can see the current schedule in it's entirety below:

August 15, 2017: 
    - 4.0.1 Released
October 17, 2017:
    - perfSONAR 3.5 end-of-life 
    - web100 end-of-life 
November 2017:
    - perfSONAR 4.0.2 released. Minor release but plan is to introduce some useful new features prior the the major release in early 2018. Features will be announced in the coming weeks as we get closer to the release.
Q1 2018:
    - perfSONAR 4.1 released. CentOS 6 packages will not be released for perfSONAR 4.1
Q3 2018 (6 months after 4.1 release):
    - perfSONAR 4.0 end of life
    - CentOS 6 versions of perfSONAR no longer supported

Thank you,
The perfSONAR Development Team

  • [perfsonar-announce] perfSONAR Important Dates, Andrew Lake, 08/15/2017

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