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perfsonar-announce - [perfsonar-announce] perfSONAR 4.0rc3 now available for testing!

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[perfsonar-announce] perfSONAR 4.0rc3 now available for testing!

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  • From: Andrew Lake <>
  • To: "" <>,
  • Subject: [perfsonar-announce] perfSONAR 4.0rc3 now available for testing!
  • Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2017 12:01:16 -0700
  • Ironport-phdr: 9a23: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

The third release candidate of perfSONAR 4.0 is now available for testing. As always, please DO NOT install this on EXISTING production hosts as it is not the final release (see the CentOS 7 section below if you are planning a new deployment). We anticipate that this will be the last release candidate prior to the final release, and its date will be dependent on the results of this round of community testing. You'll note that we had a much-larger-than-usual gap between RC2 in November and this release. That time has been spent extensively testing and optimizing the code, as this is probably the largest software change in the project's history and we want to be really sure we get it right. We anticipate that the time between RC3 and the final will be significantly shorter. Expect more details on preparing for this release in a follow-up email. For more details on various topics relevant to this RC, see the sections below:
Changes since 4.0RC2
Getting 4.0RC3
In terms of obtaining this release, many of you probably have it via auto-updates if you tested our previous release candidates. If not, please see for instructions on how to obtain it. In general, the best place for documentation on this RC can be found at Also please see our checklist at for things to look for after upgrading.
CentOS 7
We know many of you have been waiting on 4.0 so you can start a CentOS 7 deployment. If you are in this category, we suggest you download and install RC3. You will be able to auto-update it to the final and we are comfortable enough with it on CentOS 7 that you should have a relatively stable deployment. You are also welcome to wait, but we know some of you are really anxious to play with CentOS 7 and the software should be in a state where you can comfortably do so.

Thank you,
The perfSONAR Development Team

  • [perfsonar-announce] perfSONAR 4.0rc3 now available for testing!, Andrew Lake, 03/27/2017

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