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perfsonar-announce - PerfsonarUI-v0.09 (stable) available

Subject: perfSONAR Announcements

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PerfsonarUI-v0.09 (stable) available

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  • From: "Vedrin Jeliazkov" <>
  • To: GN2-JRA1-list <>, , ,
  • Subject: PerfsonarUI-v0.09 (stable) available
  • Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2007 15:35:05 +0200
  • Disposition-notification-to: "Vedrin Jeliazkov" <>

Dear Colleagues,

We're pleased to announce the stable release of perfsonarUI-v0.09, available

a) Java Web Start (;
b) Windows installer, including optional Java Runtime Setup;
c) ZIP archive, suitable for any platform;

The source code and JavaDoc are included in (b) and (c). Please note that JRE
1.5 (or newer) is a mandatory prerequisite for launching the application.

PerfsonarUI's wiki page has been updated accordingly:

For your convenience, here is an excerpt from the change log:

v0.09 - 26 Jan 2007:

- enabled Java Web Start distribution, code signed with a trusted certificate
(signed by thawtepersonalfreemailca and valid until 2 Dec 2007);
- improved user interface layout;
- changed the RRD MA and Hades tabs names to Interfaces and Circuits
- upgraded to Axis version 1.4;
- enabled sending of parallel requests to services;
- enabled sending of aggregated requests, containing queries for several
endpoints in a given service;
- enabled MetadaKeyRequests/Responses in the interactions with Hades MA;
- implemented the necessary logic for generating on the fly the information,
stored currently in Hades.conf;
- integrated support for retrieval and visualization of Ripe test data from
Hades service;
- changed “packet count” to “packet loss” in the Circuits tab, third graph;
- added buttons in the Circuits tab for navigating in time (next day, etc);
- added a clear button to the Circuits tab;
- designed and implemented an animated perfSONAR gif image with a turning
radar over the O symbol;
- implemented control over Axis timeouts and enabled dropping of requests;
- integrated support for linking with appropriate sections of VisualperfSONAR
- added ability to import traceroute output from a file;
- added new and revised existing tooltips for buttons/graphs/links;
- introduced support for plug-ins;
- implemented Interfaces and Circuits tabs as plug-ins;
- removed “Detailed interface statistics” from the Circuits tab;
- removed “.000” from Circuits tab, third graph, as these are discrete values;
- enabled clear buttons to clear everything (including the search by interface
IP window);
- enabled launching traceroute/tracert (depending on native OS) and automatic
search/display of path utilization statistics;
- enabled checking and display of MA status (reachable/not reachable/response
contents) by sending perfSONAR EchoRequests and processing of perfSONAR
- disabled rounding of utilization percentage;
- enabled reporting of utilisation in Bps with comma separators every 3 digits
(depending on regional settings);
- enabled aligning of numbers on the right of the columns in the summary
- added domain name column in summary table;
- added domain name in detailed interface statistics;
- added domain name in summary graphs and tooltips;
- fixed table sorting bug;
- added JavaDoc;
- improved error reporting for services which support result codes;
- enabled preserving of user selection for summary in Bps or % while the
application is running;
- added Playground tab;
- added DemoPlugin (not displayed by default in perfsonarUI's tabs);

Best regards,
PerfsonarUI's development team
* * Vedrin JELIAZKOV - Network Engineer
* * Institute for Parallel Processing
* * Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
* The Bulgarian NREN * Acad. G. Bonchev St 25-A
* * 1113 Sofia, Bulgaria
* * Tel: +3592 9796606
ICQ: 42633308
PGP Key ID 0x0F7EF249

  • PerfsonarUI-v0.09 (stable) available, Vedrin Jeliazkov, 01/26/2007

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