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performingarts - ConferenceXP 5.0 Release announcement

Subject: Performing Arts Advisory

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ConferenceXP 5.0 Release announcement

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  • From: "Feghali, Jose" <>
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  • Subject: ConferenceXP 5.0 Release announcement
  • Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2008 07:28:55 -0500

I am forwarding here the announcement of the new version of ConferenceXP 5.0 from the Center of Collaborative Technologies at the University of Washington. This new version incorporates my audio code changes to the program (with some improvements by the “real” programmers…) which enables the use of stereo and mono uncompressed audio at 16 bits 44.1 and 48 KHz, and fine tuning of video and audio synchronization. Full uncompressed video and audio (like DVTS) is also possible, from just about any video and audio input the computer recognizes. In my tests, CXP appeared to display slightly less latency than DVTS in full uncompressed mode. Compressed audio is now possible at both the old 22 Kbps and 64 Kbps.


Mixing of compressed video with uncompressed audio is now also possible, allowing for CD quality stereo audio (and higher) to be mixed with  good quality compressed video in the same stream. Good results can be achieved with bandwidths below 3 Mbps. Security and encryption has also been added as well as some improvements to the reflector and venue services. As usual, CXP can work both in multicast and unicast environments, or both simultaneously using the reflector service.


There is a Wiki at with more information about the new version.







Subject: [Cct-announce] ConferenceXP 5.0 Release


We are pleased to announce the release of ConferenceXP 5.0.  Significant new features are:


  • Diagnostics: The diagnostic service provides client visibility into network-level statistics to aid in finding problem points
  • Security: Two security modes have been added. The Weak mode uses a password to prevent accidental venue use. The Strong mode uses the password to create a symmetric encryption key, and all stream data is encrypted with the key.
  • NAT-friendly Reflector: The 5.0 Reflector supports multiple clients behind a single NAT device.
  • Multi-Reflector: Multiple reflectors can be configured to work together to improve scaling for large numbers of unicast clients.
  • Audio Improvements: DirectShow buffering modifications enable high quality PCM uncompressed audio, and synchronization tuning. A higher quality compressed format has also been added.



For more information and downloads, please visit:


Fred Videon

UW Center for Collaborative Technologies



  • ConferenceXP 5.0 Release announcement, Feghali, Jose, 08/28/2008

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