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ndt-dev - [ndt-dev] Re: NDT on OpenWRT

Subject: NDT-DEV email list created

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[ndt-dev] Re: NDT on OpenWRT

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  • From: Aaron Brown <>
  • To: Joey Freeland <>
  • Cc: "Carlson, Richard" <>, Richard Carlson <>, "" <>
  • Subject: [ndt-dev] Re: NDT on OpenWRT
  • Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2012 08:58:30 -0500

Hey Joey,

Would this be something you'd be interested in contributing to NDT? If so, is anything needed beyond the makefile listed below?


On Nov 15, 2012, at 1:10 PM, Joey Freeland <> wrote:

Hey Aaron and Richard,

Thanks for putting me in touch with the dev team.  I was able to get it working with enough tinkering.  I ended up not trying to cross compile via the SDK but instead created an OpenWRT package and this seemed to do the trick:

jfreeland@slinky:~$ cat openwrt/trunk/package/feeds/packages/ndt/Makefile 
# Let's see if this works..

include $(TOPDIR)/



include $(INCLUDE_DIR)/

define Package/ndt
  DEPENDS:=+libpthread +zlib
  TITLE:=Network Testing Tool

define Build/Compile/Default

define Package/ndt/install
$(INSTALL_DIR) $(1)/sbin
$(CP) $(PKG_BUILD_DIR)/src/web100clt $(1)/sbin/

$(eval $(call BuildPackage,ndt))

root@OpenWrt:~# uname -a
Linux OpenWrt 3.3.8 #1 Thu Nov 15 19:56:48 SGT 2012 mips GNU/Linux
root@OpenWrt:~# web100clt -n
Testing network path for configuration and performance problems  --  Using IPv4 address
Checking for Middleboxes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  Done
checking for firewalls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  Done
running 10s outbound test (client to server) . . . . .  244.00 kb/s
running 10s inbound test (server to client) . . . . . . 538.11 kb/s
Your host is connected to a Cable/DSL modem
Information: Other network traffic is congesting the link
Information [C2S]: Packet queuing detected: 22.31% (local buffers)
Server '' is not behind a firewall. [Connection to the ephemeral port was successful]
Client is probably behind a firewall. [Connection to the ephemeral port failed]
Packet size is preserved End-to-End
Server IP addresses are preserved End-to-End
Information: Network Address Translation (NAT) box is modifying the Client's IP address
Server says [] but Client says []

On Fri, Nov 16, 2012 at 1:54 AM, Aaron Brown <> wrote:
Could you send the logs when you have a chance? I've not tried cross-compiling NDT, but may be able to help debug.

Thanks for the super fast response and thanks for your work on NDT!  Unfortunately I'm on the go right now, but I'll give a try soon.

Joey Freeland
Technical Program Manager
Google Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

TIP2013, University of Hawaii Mānoa
January 13 - January 17, 2013, Honolulu, HI

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