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k20innovators - May "AP Mixers" Project

Subject: Remote Instrumentation & Data Visualizations Working Group

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May "AP Mixers" Project

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  • From: Jennifer MacDougall <>
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  • Subject: May "AP Mixers" Project
  • Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2005 14:27:55 -0500

Hi All,

Hope you are all doing well!

Please see the description of a project being developed in PA to bring together AP classes after the AP test are all said and done. If you have any AP classes in your areas that you think might like to participate, please get back to me with contact info and the AP class subject and I'll share the info with local organizer here.


The AP test is over in early May, but graduation and the last days of school are weeks away. How will you keep your high flying students (and yourself) engaged till the very end?

Consider joining us as we develop Internet 2 Think Tank “Mixers” in our region

Imagine your AP English students involved in literature circles or discussion groups with other students

Imagine your AP German class engaging in dialog with other German speaking students

Imagine your AP Government and Politics class debating the President’s new proposal for Social Security

Imagine your AP European History class engaged in a simulation of a turning point in history

Imagine your AP American History class engaged in a mock impeachment trial

Imagine your AP Studio Art class sharing their exhibits with other talented student artists

We are seeking risk-taking AP teachers willing to engage in shared curriculum planning and other educators devoted to making I2 work as a vehicle for sharing curriculum.

Issues to work on:
Arranging partners
Agreeing on common themes, focus, or texts

Carol’s brainstorming for AP English (a sample of what a teacher’s planning here might look like)
I'm thinking literature circle that focuses on a contemporary book--either fiction or non-fiction---maybe with a current events tie-in (Kiteflier(?) or something like that--haven't read it)--maybe no product other than the lit circle discussions. Could we end by bringing kids to meet at a party-type event--maybe meet the author via conference link, etc.
I'm having trouble conceptualizing though if we can have several groups at the same time or if we would have to have one large group--if one large, that's a problem. I would want everyone actively involved.
Or, what if we picked say 3 related books, ran lit. circles for the kids in each circle, then did a selected panel to discuss the commonalities. All kids would be involved in lit circles, all kids would prepare and select the panelists. Then we'd do an Internet2 panel discussion (we could still involve the other students--I'm thinking here of the BookTV format.

Jennifer MacDougall
MAGPI Applications Coordinator

phone: 215.898.0341
fax: 215.898.9348
215-74MAGPI (215-746-2474)

  • May "AP Mixers" Project, Jennifer MacDougall, 03/10/2005

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