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k20innovators - Re: Lewis and Clark and JASON: setting up partners

Subject: Remote Instrumentation & Data Visualizations Working Group

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Re: Lewis and Clark and JASON: setting up partners

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  • From: Jennifer MacDougall <>
  • To: George Loftus <>
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  • Subject: Re: Lewis and Clark and JASON: setting up partners
  • Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2003 14:26:38 -0500
  • Organization: MAGPI/UPENN


I'm about to hit send on a call out to my K12 liaisons to
engage a few innovative teachers from both NJ and PA for
this effort and wondered if we'd gotten a sense of target
grades/ages yet?

Also, is anyone doing something over I2 for GIS Day on Nov 19th?
I'd like to get our IUs involved in something for this
and have contacted the Exploratorium in CA to see if they're
offering anything. Will keep you posted if I hear of anything


George Loftus wrote:


This looks like a great outline for how we might proceed with this effort. I agree that this model would also work well for us on the Virtual Argonauts Project ( and perhaps several others like the I2 Book club as well).

I have copied Pam Christman and Kathy D'Aguanno of RINET on this reply, as it is Kathy who approached me with a teacher identified as "raring to go". Perhaps Pam or Kathy can let me know the grade level of this teacher so we can start to set the stage for what grade level(s) we will target first.

Sounds like this list of innovators is eager to innovate! So what do we call this effort "Virtual Merriwether?" or "Virtual Explorers?" ;-).

At 10:56 AM 10/24/2003 -0500, you wrote:

Hello everyone,

First of all, I wanted to say that I enjoyed meeting all of you last week.

I'd like to propose an idea for the Lewis and Clark project. If possible,
set up partnering states to do the following:

1. Pick partnering states/Decide on student grade level
2. Develop a driving question to help focus the project
3. Use the activity component on the Lewis and Clark website as a way to
give the students a context and a reason to talk with each other. Find an
activity that matches the driving question. (This activity could be done
through email)
4. Within that activity, students could create a presentation, a treasure
trunk, a webpage, and/or a map that is "region specific" to their state and
the Lewis and Clark expedition.
4. Students share their "region specific" project with their partnering
state via videoconferencing.

We could do the same process with JASON. I have a 4th grade JASON teacher
that is raring to go.

Please send any comments. I'm eager to get this started!


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