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Subject: List of Members Attendees at SC10

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[internet2-sc100g] Internet2 at SC10

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  • Subject: [internet2-sc100g] Internet2 at SC10
  • Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2010 14:21:47 -0500

Title: Internet2 at SC10

Internet2 invites SC10 attendees from our member organizations to stop by booth 3539 to see our advanced networking demonstrations and to learn about Internet2's plans for its 100G network. We look forward to seeing you!

Internet2 at SC10

If you are attending SC10 in New Orleans, November 13-19, make sure to stop by Internet2 booth #3539. This year, Internet2 will be showcasing network services like ION and prototype services like Phoebus, while highlighting Internet2 Network upgrades and planned 100G capabilities needed to support the extreme scale future.


Internet2 is featuring three demonstrations at SC10 that highlight the role of advanced networking in support of large scale science initiatives.

100G: Internet2, working together with16 collaborators, is planning a first ever 100G demo. 100Gbps of science data will be transmitted between Chicago and New Orleans to showcase the possibilities enabled by this cutting-edge network technology in a demonstration that will also be one of the most comprehensive 100GigE interoperability tests to date.

DYNES: Internet2 will be demonstrating the “Dynamic NetworkSystem for Data Intensive Science” (DYNES), a new cyberinstrument under development in collaboration with the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), the University of Michigan, and Vanderbilt University under NSF funding. DYNES constructs a “distributed virtual instrument” that will extend Internet2’s ION service capabilities directly to regional networks and universities involved in global scientific research efforts. To demonstrate this capability, collaborators will transfer datasets consisting of representative samples of actual 7 teraelectron volt collision data from the LHC, between the Internet2, Caltech and Vanderbilt booths on demand, as well as from each of these three booths to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan and the Caltech Tier2 Center at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland.

Phoebus: The Phoebus platform - developed by the University of Delaware and now deployed as a prototype service on the Internet2 Network - embeds greater "intelligence" in the network, enabling it to automatically off-load large data flows from the IP network onto dedicated links onto dynamic circuits like the Internet2 ION service. At SC10, researchers at the University of Delaware in collaboration with Internet2 will showcase the effectiveness of a 1 Gigabit per second (Gbps) Phoebus Gateway deployment across nine Internet2 Network PoPs. The demo will highlight how Phoebus is providing network performance benefits for 3D visualization applications, in this case, highlighting the use for medical research and education.

SCinet Support

Each year the SC conference recreates SCinet, "the world's most powerful network," which provides an advanced high-bandwidth network environment capable of supporting the revolutionary High Performance Computing applications and extreme network experiments that have become the trademark of the annual conference.

Among the services Internet2 is providing are two10 Gbps connections to the Internet2 IP network to deliver enhanced IP services; a 10Gbps connections to the Internet2 ION Infrastructure to enable dynamic circuit network capabilities; Inter-Domain Controller (IDC) software support for controlling dynamic circuits on the conference floor; and a perfSONAR framework deployment for real-time monitoring and visualization of the SCinet network performance. Internet2 will also be providing three 10 Gbps waves to ESnet as well as one 10 Gbps wave to NOAA to help support their application demonstrations.

This year, a 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) wide area circuit will be available, linking the SC conference center in New Orleans to regional and national research and education networks. This multi-vendor, multi-network effort marks the first time that SCinet will have this capability.

Additionally, the SCinet Research Sandbox Initiative will be a new feature of SCinet at SC10. The Research Sandbox Initiative was created to allow researchers, computer scientists and network engineers to experiment using the state-of-the-art SCinet as their laboratory. Internet2 is participating in several Research Sandbox Initiative projects, including an LHC data transfer and global collaboration demonstration led by Caltech, with a number of partners.

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