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idpproxy-2017-10 - Re: [idpproxy-2017-10] Re: TechEx IdP Proxy Tutorial Preparation

Subject: Establishing an IdP Proxy service with SimpleSAMLphp

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Re: [idpproxy-2017-10] Re: TechEx IdP Proxy Tutorial Preparation

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  • From: Patrick Radtke <>
  • To: "Hall, Gerry" <>
  • Cc: "" <>
  • Subject: Re: [idpproxy-2017-10] Re: TechEx IdP Proxy Tutorial Preparation
  • Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2017 07:50:09 -0700
  • Ironport-phdr: 9a23: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

Hi Gerry,

You should see something like

$ docker pull jwilder/nginx-proxy

Using default tag: latest

latest: Pulling from jwilder/nginx-proxy

bc95e04b23c0: Downloading [==========================================>        ]  19.04MB/22.49MB

fd0287d0b0be: Download complete 

591b01dad757: Waiting 

The docker pull command should download the images that we will use during class. They can be several hundred megabytes and I'm not sure if the classroom bandwidth would handle everyone downloading at once.

You can check if they have been downloaded with the `docker images`

$ docker images jwilder/nginx-proxy

REPOSITORY            TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE

jwilder/nginx-proxy   latest              432cd2055fa0        5 weeks ago         148MB

$ docker images  cirrusid/ssp-base:1.14.16

REPOSITORY          TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE

cirrusid/ssp-base   1.14.16             c1c3f7f64511        4 weeks ago         416MB

If they have not been downloaded you can try pulling the images individually (rather than using the for loop)

$ docker pull cirrusid/ssp-base:1.14.16

$ docker pull jwilder/nginx-proxy

The regular nginx image will get automatically get pulled when you run it when testing your setup later in the


On Sat, Oct 14, 2017 at 5:57 AM, Hall, Gerry <> wrote:


I am not sure as to how I should be using the code to pull the docker images.  I am using the following  in a script but when I run I do not see anything. Is that expected?  If not what should I be doing?


images="nginx jwilder/nginx-proxy cirrusid/ssp-base:1.14.16";

for name in $images;


  docker pull $name



From: <> on behalf of Patrick Radtke <>
Date: Friday, October 13, 2017 at 4:14 PM
To: "" <>
Subject: [idpproxy-2017-10] Re: TechEx IdP Proxy Tutorial Preparation


Hi Everyone,


Just a reminder to please have your machine ready to go for the tutorial by following

If you have any issues, please feel free to email me.


See you Sunday.




On Sun, Oct 8, 2017 at 5:14 PM, Patrick Radtke <> wrote:

Hi Everyone,


Thanks for registering for the IdP Proxy with SimleSAMLphp tutorial.

This is going to be a hands on tutorial, which means you'll need to some software. We will be using docker to minimize the amount of things you need to install.


Please follow through these prerequisite steps prior to the tutorial


They will ensure you have any needed software (docker + git) installed, and that you have any necessary images already pulled. You don't need in-depth knowledge of Docker, but you should be comfortable with running a container and how to mount a volume. The tutorial tries to use cut-n-paste docker commands so that you can concentrate on the SimpleSAMLphp (SSP) side of things.


Lastly, I'll be making some adjustments to the tutorial this week so you should do a pull on Sunday morning to get the latest updates.


Please let me know if you have any questions,




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Patrick Radtke
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