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i2-news - [I2-NEWS] CENIC, Pacific Northwest Gigapop, and Internet2 Announce Major, Long-Term Collaboration

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[I2-NEWS] CENIC, Pacific Northwest Gigapop, and Internet2 Announce Major, Long-Term Collaboration

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  • From: Todd Sedmak <>
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  • Subject: [I2-NEWS] CENIC, Pacific Northwest Gigapop, and Internet2 Announce Major, Long-Term Collaboration
  • Date: Tue, 07 Feb 2012 10:25:48 -0500 (EST)

CENIC, Pacific Northwest Gigapop, and Internet2 Announce Major, Long-Term

Groups to Deploy 100G Networking Capabilities across West Coast, Share
Infrastructure, and Work on Network Initiatives

Ann Arbor, Mich. — Feb. 7, 2012 — CENIC, the Pacific Northwest Gigapop,
(PNWGP) and Internet2 today announced plans for a major, long-term
collaboration to deploy 100 Gigabit per second (Gbps) networking capabilities
across the entire West Coast of the United States, to share a common optical
networking infrastructure, and to work on many network based initiatives.

This shared infrastructure, using PNWGP and CENIC fiber-optic cable and
Internet2’s new Ciena optical system, will initially support the West Coast
portion of Internet2’s new nationwide backbone network and the advanced
Research & Education (R&E) peering and exchange services provided by CENIC
and PNWGP. This long-term collaboration includes the Pacific Wave
international distributed exchange, whose major exchange and access points in
Seattle and Los Angeles are being interconnected with 100 Gbps capacity to
support interconnections and transport at 100 Gbps speeds. Twenty-seven
networks representing more than 40 countries throughout the Pacific Rim, the
Americas, and the Middle East connect to one another via Pacific Wave.
“These 100 Gbps network interconnection and transit capabilities will enable
our U.S. and international research partners to achieve the performance and
service capabilities required by next generation research initiatives,” noted
Louis Fox, President and CEO of CENIC.

“This is an extraordinary step forward in cooperation and mutual commitment
between Internet2 and two R&E technology leaders, PNWGP and CENIC,” said Dave
Lambert, CEO of Internet2. “We will work together to best and most
cost-effectively serve our overall R&E community with next generation
capabilities and services.”

“By partnering on this infrastructure, we are able to share our resources and
expertise and further leverage our long-term reliance upon Internet2 and also
the proven Internet2 network operations center to achieve reliable,
ultra-high-performance networking which is affordable for our members and
partners,” said Amy Philipson, Executive Director of PNWGP.

Internet2, CENIC, and PNWGP also will provide advanced broadband network
capabilities, services, content, and applications to expand the U.S. Unified
Community Anchor Network’s (U.S. UCAN) western community and to existing
participants in all three organizations’ collective R&E networks.

Ron Johnson, chair, Pacific Northwest Gigapop, and Stephen Wolff, chief
technology officer, Internet2, both of whose involvements in the Internet
date back to the early days of ARPAnet and NSFnet, praised this new
partnership and network fabric. Johnson noted that this “establishes the
evolved relationship between our organizations as well as the directly shared
technical platform that we have all been seeking. This will enable the R&E
communities we serve both to pursue the next generation of innovations
enabled by our networks, apps, and content, and to extend them for even
broader impact to other key constituencies.” Wolff echoed these views, saying
“thanks to this partnership, there will be many new opportunities for
collaboration in the service of our communities and in the advancement of

About Internet2 •
Internet2, created and led by U.S. research universities, is one of the
world’s most advanced networking consortia for global researchers and
scientists, who develop breakthrough Internet technologies and applications
and spark tomorrow’s essential innovations. Internet2 consists of more than
350 U.S. universities; corporations; government agencies; laboratories;
higher learning; other major national, regional and state research and
education networks; and organizations representing more than 50 countries.
Established by Internet2 in 2011, U.S. UCAN is a national project dedicated
to ensuring community anchor institutions, including public libraries,
schools, community colleges, research parks, public safety and health care
institutions, have access to advanced broadband capabilities. Internet2 is a
registered trademark.

About CENIC •
California's education and research communities leverage their networking
resources under CENIC, the Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in
California, in order to obtain cost-effective, high-bandwidth networking to
support their missions and answer the needs of their faculty, staff, and

CENIC designs, implements, and operates CalREN, the California Research and
Education Network, a high-bandwidth, high-capacity Internet network specially
designed to meet the unique requirements of these communities, and to which
the vast majority of the state's K-20 educational institutions are connected.
In order to facilitate collaboration in education and research, CENIC also
provides connectivity to non-California institutions and industry research
organizations with which CENIC's Associate researchers and educators are

About Pacific Northwest Gigapop •
The Pacific Northwest Gigapop (PNWGP) is a not-for-profit organization whose
team brought the original internet to the northwest in the 80's, and which
today provides the full range of cost-effective, reliable, broadband
high-performance networking, interconnection and peering, and related
collaboration mechanisms, needed to help support the missions of our diverse
membership, including the research, education, medical, cultural, government
and leading technology organizations throughout the pacific-northwestern USA
and also internationally across the Pacific Rim via Pacific Wave.

About Pacific Wave •
Pacific Wave is a state-of-the-art distributed international peering and
exchange facility, which spans the West Coast of the USA including major
interconnected points of presence in Seattle, Sunnyvale, and Los Angeles and
is designed to serve research and education networks throughout the Pacific
Rim and the world. Pacific Wave enhances research and education network
capabilities by increasing network efficiency, reducing latency, increasing
throughput, and reducing costs. Pacific Wave is a joint project between
CENIC, the Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California, and
the Pacific Northwest Gigapop, and is operated in collaboration with the
University of Southern California and the University of Washington.


Media Contacts:

Todd Sedmak, Internet2
(202) 331-5373 •

Janis Cortese, CENIC
(714) 220-3454 •

Amy Philipson, PNWGP
(206) 310-0097 •

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  • [I2-NEWS] CENIC, Pacific Northwest Gigapop, and Internet2 Announce Major, Long-Term Collaboration, Todd Sedmak, 02/07/2012

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