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i2-news - I2-NEWS: Real-time CD Quality Internet Audio Demonstration Wins SC2000 Award

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I2-NEWS: Real-time CD Quality Internet Audio Demonstration Wins SC2000 Award

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  • From: "Greg Wood" <>
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  • Subject: I2-NEWS: Real-time CD Quality Internet Audio Demonstration Wins SC2000 Award
  • Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2000 11:32:54 -0500
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Greg Wood


Stanford University team demonstrates uncompressed audio over quality of
service enabled Internet2 networks

Armonk, NY--November 14, 2000--A demonstration of live, uncompressed
CD-quality audio between Dallas, Texas and the Stanford University campus
won the "Most Captivating and Best Tuned Award" award in the SC2000
Bandwidth Challenge Competition last week in Dallas, Texas."

The applications demonstrated two-way telephone-style communication,
streaming audio without buffering from a remote tape deck, and an "audio
teleportation" mode in which areas on the Stanford campus were outfitted
with microphones and loudspeakers and users from the show floor in Dallas
projected their voices into these spaces in multi-channel surround sound. At
one point two musicians, from separate booths in Dallas, played "together"
in the same space on the Stanford campus.

The high-fidelity audio required 750 kilobits per second per channel and
provided stunningly good audio quality, despite induced congestion in the
network. Reliable network performance for the application was guaranteed by
quality of service (QoS) technology implemented in the Abilene Internet2
backbone, the Stanford campus LAN, and the SC2000 show floor. The
demonstration used the Internet2 QBone Premium Service architecture as
implemented in the Abilene Premium Service Test Program. This work builds
on the Internet Engineering Task Force's work in differentiated services to
provide more reliable network performance, including near-zero packet loss
and bounded jitter to the application streams. For comparison purposes, QoS
configuration was dynamically enabled and disabled via the Globus GARA tools
to demonstrate QoS protection.

For more information about the Audio Teleportation demonstration and the
Abilene Premium Service Test Program, see:

For more information about the SC2000 Network Challenge:

For more information about Internet2 QBone, see:

About QBone
The Internet2 QBone initiative has brought together network planners,
engineers, and advanced applications developers from across the research and
higher education networking community to specify and build an interdomain
testbed for IP QoS. The QBone architecture leverages the differentiated
services forwarding primitives under standardization in the IETF and aims to
provide a virtual leased-line service model across a highly-instrumented and
open interdomain testbed. For more information about QBone, see:

About Stanford University's CCRMA
The Stanford University Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics
is a multi-disciplinary facility where composers and researchers work
together using computer-based technology both as an artistic medium and as a
research tool. The SoundWIRE working group is exploring audio as an
evaluation tool for network performance monitoring and high-quality audio
transport for music production purposes.
For information on CCRMA see
For information on SoundWIRE see

About Internet2(R)
Led by over 180 US universities working with industry and government,
Internet2 is developing and deploying advanced network applications and
technologies for research and higher education, accelerating the creation of
tomorrow?s Internet. Internet2 recreates the partnership of academia,
industry and government that helped foster today's Internet in its infancy.
For more information about Internet2, see:

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  • I2-NEWS: Real-time CD Quality Internet Audio Demonstration Wins SC2000 Award, Greg Wood, 12/06/2000

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