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i2-news - I2-NEWS: FLASH - Internet2 Chat on 8:30pm EST Today, 8 Nov 1999

Subject: News for and about the Internet2 community

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I2-NEWS: FLASH - Internet2 Chat on 8:30pm EST Today, 8 Nov 1999

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  • Subject: I2-NEWS: FLASH - Internet2 Chat on 8:30pm EST Today, 8 Nov 1999
  • Date: Mon, 8 Nov 1999 13:15:59 -0500
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Internet2 will be featured on's interactive Chat at 8:30 pm EST
tonight, Monday, November 8, 1999. Ted Hanss, director of applications
development for the Internet2 project, will be online to answer questions
and provide the latest information about Internet2. Join in to find out
about the new Internet applications and technology being developed and
tested by the partnership of industry, academia and government working
together on Internet2.

To join the CNN Chat, go to:

Greg Wood


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For additional information contact: Jim Brennan

phone 518-283-3584 x25 =20



A new tool for curriculum enrichment

Syracuse, NY=97November 8, 1999. NYSERNet, the next-generation Internet=
service provider for the educational and research community in New York=
State, just completed a significant trial of the delivery of the Internet=
with MMDS wireless transmission technology (multichannel multipoint=
distribution service). NYSERNet, with the support of funding from the=
National Science Foundation, designed the trial to examine the feasibility=
and economy of supplying high-speed wireless local loops for Internet=
services to K-12 and other community-based organizations for which a=
regular high-speed telephone line would be too costly. Ten organizations in=
the Rochester, NY area participated with NYSERNet in the trial. CAI=
Wireless Systems, Inc. collaborated in the design and implementation of the=

Participants were Rochester School For the Deaf, Norman Howard School,=
Industry School, Lyons Elementary School, four Rochester City School=
District schools (Charlotte Middle School, Nathaniel Rochester Community=
School, Helen Barrett Montgomery School #50, Roberto Clemente School #8),=
the Rochester Boys & Girls Club, and Charles Settlement House.=20

For many of the students and faculty, this trial was their first experience=
with the Internet as an educational tool. Their wireless connections gave=
them high-speed access (10 megabits/second, over 175 times faster than=
today's telephone modems) to the vast store of information on the Internet.=

NYSERNet proposed the trial to the National Science Foundation, said Tim=
Lance, NYSERNet=92s president, "to bring the benefits of the Internet to=
under served portions of the education community by taking advantage of=
wireless transmission capabilities." At the time of the 1997 proposal,=
wireless access to the Internet was an emerging technology. However,=
industry-watchers have seen this technology grow significantly during the=
course of the project.=20

According to Jim Minton at the Industry School, "Student eyes were opened=
wide to all the possibilities the Internet offers." Joan Matzner at=
Rochester's Helen Barrett Montgomery School #50 said, "Teachers had a new=
medium for researching information on curriculum topics.... Students had a=
method of obtaining information that was current and interactive."=20

The Project's final report is available at=

NYSERNet, a not-for-profit corporation with locations in Syracuse and=
Albany, provides leading-edge network services to enable the goals of New=
York=92s research and education institutions.=20


<bold><color><param>8080,0000,0000</param> Bob Bellandi</color></bold> =20
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<color><param>8080,0000,0000</param>NYSERNet, Inc.

</color></bold> Communications Manager 100 Elwood Davis Road

and Web Master Syracuse, NY 13212-4312

315-413-0345 x 5375

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