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Subject: News for and about the Internet2 community

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Welcome to the Internet2 Newswire

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  • From: "Greg Wood" <>
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  • Subject: Welcome to the Internet2 Newswire
  • Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1999 08:30:49 -0400
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Welcome to the new Internet2 Newswire, a way to share news for and about the
Internet2 community. The Internet2 Newswire reaches nearly a thousand people
at Internet2 member organizations as well as thousands of people around the
world interested in advanced networking.

Typical postings to this list will include:

- Internet2-related developments at member organizations
- Event announcements related to Internet2
- Additions to the Internet2 community
- News from the world-at-large of interest to the Internet2 community

If you received this message directly, you are already subscribed to the
Internet2 Newswire and should begin to receive the latest Internet2 news
very soon.

Receiving the Internet2 Newswire is open to everyone, so feel free pass this
note along to anyone you think might be interested in the types of stories
posted. (If you've been forwarded this message, subscribing is as easy as
sending email to

with the word "subscribe i2-news" in
the body of the message.)

Posting to the Internet2 Newswire is open to anyone from an Internet2 member
organization. I encourage you to take advantage of this service not just to
get news, but also to let the Internet2 community and the world know what's
going on in your organization. (To ensure the list is interesting and
relevant, postings are moderated.)

Web-accessible public archives of the Internet2 Newswire are available at:

Finally, as a service for the Internet2 community, your input to the
Internet2 Newswire is very important. Please don't hesitate to send us
suggestions about the Internet2 Newswire, or any other ways we can better
promote communication within the Internet2 community.


Greg Wood
Director of Communications

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Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1999 15:26:03 -0700
To: Internet2 Newswire
From: Mike Gannis
Subject: New "NLANR Packets" newsletter
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(Our thanks to Greg Wood and Internet2 for making this news distribution
service available. As it happens, we have a news item ready for release,
so here goes ...)

Hello --

I'd like to announce the premiere issue of "NLANR Packets," a new Web-based
newsletter (

The National Laboratory for Applied Networking Research (NLANR) is an
NSF-sponsored support organization for high-performance networking. Our
newsletter is intended to serve scientists and engineers at NSF High
Performance Connections sites and in the general high-performance
networking community.

NLANR was created in 1995 to provide technical and engineering support and
overall coordination of the NSF/MCI very high performance Backbone Network
Service (vBNS) connections at five NSF-supported supercomputer centers.
Since then, the scope of NLANR's activities has expanded with the evolution
of the vBNS and the advent of other high-speed networks. NLANR's support
and services now are relevant to several other high-performance network
service providers -- UCAID's Internet2, the Next Generation Internet
initiative, and the STAR TAP international research network -- in addition
to the vBNS. For more information on NLANR and the services it provides,

There's so much activity in the world of high-performance networking -- in
NLANR, in the NSF and other agencies, and in the scientific and technology
research communities -- that it's difficult to keep track of what's going
on. The NSF, NLANR's research and support teams, and the various High
Performance Connections sites periodically issue press releases on our HPC
efforts, but this is our first attempt at putting news items about the
program into a periodical publication.

Our current plans call for NLANR Packets to be published quarterly. Every
three months we'll issue an e-mail notification to subscribers that
provides the new Table of Contents, with article summaries and links. This
doesn't necessarily mean that the magazine's Web page will abruptly change
with each new issue. Instead, news items will be added incrementally to the
Table of Contents as they arrive, and older articles will be pushed into an
archive as they get stale. If you'd like to keep up with what's going on in
our community, you won't have to wait for a new issue -- go directly to and check out the latest news whenever
you want.

If you'd like to receive announcements of new issues, there's a Web-based
subscription form at

We welcome contributions of interest to the community -- especially items
for our calendar of events at

I hope the news of what we're doing will be of interest to you and to the
high-performance networking community. Thanks for your time.

-- Mike Gannis

Editor, NLANR Packets


  • Welcome to the Internet2 Newswire, Greg Wood, 04/22/1999

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