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grouper-users - Re: [grouper-users] subject cache warning: "the attribute for that identifier is not configured" + question mark added to LDAP search filter

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Re: [grouper-users] subject cache warning: "the attribute for that identifier is not configured" + question mark added to LDAP search filter

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  • From: Shilen Patel <>
  • To: Dominique Petitpierre <>
  • Cc: "" <>
  • Subject: Re: [grouper-users] subject cache warning: "the attribute for that identifier is not configured" + question mark added to LDAP search filter
  • Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2019 16:53:31 +0000
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On the Grouper dev call today, we discussed this and concluded that the
wildcard for id/identifier searches is a bug. So I’ll just remove that and
it should solve the logging problem too.


- Shilen

On 9/17/19, 6:25 PM, "Dominique Petitpierre" <>


On 9/14/19 12:10 PM, Shilen Patel wrote:
> Great, I’m glad that clears that up. Now to the other issue, I’m
wondering if it could be solved by simply having a config option to prevent
adding the wildcard at the end of the query?
> I could see there being cases where somebody doesn’t want that wildcard
(like your case) but still wants multiple queries to run. For example, if my
maxPage/maxResults are set to 100 and I’m searching for “smith” which has 1
exact match on NetID and 1000 matches on name, I would want the
findByIdOrIdentifier query to run to make sure the result that matches
exactly on NetID is displayed since it wouldn’t be guaranteed that the other
query will return it due to the maxPage/maxResults.
> Would that work? It would still mean 3 queries, but the first 2 would
run as expected and would be indexed/fast. Or is there some reason I’m not
thinking of that might make having a separate query for typeahead more useful?

Sounds good to me. Thanks for considering my concerns!

But if the option is set to allow to add a wildcard, the original problem
since the cache code is tied to the identifier search presumably
initially used only for retrieving entries with known identifiers,
it won't be happy to not find an identifier and will complain with a
warning message:

On 9/12/19 10:52 PM, Dominique Petitpierre wrote:
> 2019-09-12 21:25:59,562: [ajp-nio-] WARN
SubjectSourceCache.updateSubjectInCache(1112) - - In subject source:
peopletst the identifier: 'smith*' can find subject: '', but
the attribute for that identifier is not configured in the subject source.
In order for caching to be effective, please list all identifier attributes
in the subject source. You can configure to suppress this log message in
subject config.
> 2019-09-12 21:25:59,562: [ajp-nio-] DEBUG
SubjectSourceCache.updateSubjectInCache(1169) - - method:
updateSubjectInCache, retrieved: true, accessed: true,
subjectSourceCacheItemNull: true, subjectSourceCacheItemLookedUp: false,
createdNewCacheItem: true, numberOfTimesRetrieved: 1, numberOfTimesAccessed:
1, sourceId: peopletst, identifier: , createSubjectKeyCache:
true, existingSubjectCacheKeySize: 0, identifier_unigechemployeeuid: smithd,
identifier_unigechstudentuid: null, identifierNotConfigured: smith*,
: true, addOrReplace_smithd: true, took:

Not critical, warning messages can be ignored (although in the case of
incremental search there will be lots)!


Mr Dominique Petitpierre, user=Dominique.Petitpierre
IT Division, University of Geneva, Switzerland

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