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grouper-users - [grouper-users] RabbitMq Connection

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[grouper-users] RabbitMq Connection

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  • From: "Jeff" <>
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  • Subject: [grouper-users] RabbitMq Connection

Hey Guys,

I've been using the updated rabbitmq messaging integration on latest version
of 2.4 for the last several weeks in test. The support for exchanges and
ability to manipulate the routing key is working great! As I move towards
production I've run into a snag. For some reason, it is always connecting as
the default username/password ('guest').

I've tried updating my to:

grouper.messaging.system.rabbitmq.user = grouper
grouper.messaging.system.rabbitmq.password = testpassword

also tried:

grouper.messaging.system.rabbitmqSystem.user = grouper
grouper.messaging.system.rabbitmqSystem.password = testpassword

Neither seem to make a difference. I'm using the TIER containers and am able
to log into the container to verify it is using my updated property files.
The rabbitmq 'grouper' user is setup. Could the resource file
( be overwriting my properties?
Anyone else running into the same issue? Something I'm missing?

My grouper-loader and grouper.client config below


Jeff Ruch
Colorado State University

----------------------- ------------------ = rabbitmq
edu.internet2.middleware.grouper.messaging.GrouperBuiltinMessagingSystem = rabbitmqSystem
grouper.messaging.system.rabbitmqSystem.class =
edu.internet2.middleware.grouperMessagingRabbitmq.GrouperMessagingRabbitmqSystem = rabbitmq
grouper.messaging.system.rabbitmqSystem.defaultPageSize = 10
grouper.messaging.system.rabbitmqSystem.maxPageSize = 50 = rabbitmq
grouper.messaging.system.rabbitmq.defaultSystemName = rabbitmqSystem
grouper.messaging.system.rabbitmq.user = grouper
grouper.messaging.system.rabbitmq.password = guest
grouper.messaging.system.rabbitmqSystem.user = grouper
grouper.messaging.system.rabbitmqSystem.password = guest

----------------------- ------------------

changeLog.consumer.esbAmqp.class =
changeLog.consumer.esbAmqp.quartzCron = 0 * * * * ?
changeLog.consumer.esbAmqp.elfilter = event.eventType eq 'MEMBERSHIP_DELETE'
|| event.eventType eq 'MEMBERSHIP_ADD'
changeLog.consumer.esbAmqp.publisher.class =
changeLog.consumer.esbAmqp.publisher.messagingSystemName = rabbitmq
changeLog.consumer.esbAmqp.replaceRoutingKeyColonsWithPeriods = true
changeLog.consumer.esbAmqp.publisher.messageQueueType = topic
changeLog.consumer.esbAmqp.publisher.queueOrTopicName = grouper
changeLog.consumer.esbAmqp.publisher.exchangeType = TOPIC

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