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grouper-users - Re: [grouper-users] error running CHANGE_LOG_changeLogTempToChangeLog

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Re: [grouper-users] error running CHANGE_LOG_changeLogTempToChangeLog

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  • From: Baron Fujimoto <>
  • To: Shilen Patel <>
  • Cc: Grouper Users <>
  • Subject: Re: [grouper-users] error running CHANGE_LOG_changeLogTempToChangeLog
  • Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2018 10:34:17 -1000
  • Ironport-phdr: 9a23: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

It's possible the error is that old. This is actually a test system so some
of this type of housekeeping is run very irregularly or on a perceived
as-needed basis. IIRC, this is also supposed to be handled by the grouper
loader, which we also, admittedly, don't run regularly. We don't use the
loader for provisioning, and the current documentation doesn't mention
changelog maintenance I think.

I'm not sure how the entry was originally introduced, but perhaps it was due
to a known bug in the UI (at least for our version) where you press return
instead of tab to choose a person when adding a member.

I'm not sure what to look for for "anything odd", but the following query
yields no results:
select * from grouper_members where subject_id =

On Sun, Oct 14, 2018 at 03:10:08AM +0000, Shilen Patel wrote:
>I believe that change log is for a member add. There are a couple of things
>that seem odd. First, the created time on that is July 16 2017. Have you
>been having this error for over a year? Second, the error suggests that a
>member was added without a subject id, which shouldn’t be possible. The
>member id (in the grouper_members table) should be the string01 in the
>error. Perhaps take a look and see if there’s anything odd there?
>- Shilen
>On 10/12/18, 11:22 PM,
> on behalf of Baron Fujimoto"
> on behalf of
> wrote:
> I feel like this may have come up before, but my google-fu is coming up
> short.
> When I try the following from gsh, I'm encountering the following error
> for one of our instances:
> gsh 0% loaderRunOneJob("CHANGE_LOG_changeLogTempToChangeLog");
> // Error: unable to evaluate command: Sourced file: inline evaluation
> of: ``loaderRunOneJob("CHANGE_LOG_changeLogTempToChangeLog");'' : Error
> invoking compiled command: : Error in compiled command:
> java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.RuntimeException: subjectId is empty
> for change log entry: ChangeLogEntry: changeLogTypeId:
> '9bb887a5830e427086c951e4b93bda62', contextId: '', createdOnDb:
> '1500250492727000', hibernateVersionNumber: '-1', string01:
> '069e366f7a4e4803ba9604fea154c7b2', string02: '', string03: 'LDAP',
> string04: 'person', string05: '', string06: '', string07: '', string08: '',
> string09: '', string10: '', string11: '', string12: '',
> Problem in HibernateSession: HibernateSession (60a7e509): new,
> notReadonly, READ_WRITE_NEW, notActiveTransaction, session (2b916808)
> This is Grouper 2.2.2. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Baron Fujimoto
:: UH Information Technology Services
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