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grouper-users - Re: [grouper-users] RE: pspng LDAP NameAlreadyBoundException

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Re: [grouper-users] RE: pspng LDAP NameAlreadyBoundException

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  • From: Jeffrey Williams <>
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  • Subject: Re: [grouper-users] RE: pspng LDAP NameAlreadyBoundException
  • Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2018 16:32:51 -0400
  • Ironport-phdr: 9a23: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

I wanted to ressurrect this one because we're still seeing it as well and it's getting progressively worse.  Looks like someone already has a jira issue out for it.

If you're experiencing it and want to have it looked at, be sure to log in and vote on it.

On Tue, Jul 24, 2018 at 2:04 AM Shaun Koh <> wrote:

Hi Grouper team,


Just noting I’ve raised a very similar (if not identical) issue a month ago and still inclined to know if and when a solution can be provided:


…also dug up a post from last year that seem to be the first reporting of this issue:


This is currently a blocker for our Grouper to Active Directory provisioning service should an unmanaged event occur (e.g. an uninformed LDAP service operator creating / adding members to a group directly in AD).


We intend to modify the relevant PSPNG code to resolve this (and a few other issues) however would prefer to avoid forking if possible.


Looking forward to a response.



Shaun Koh


From: <> On Behalf Of Ryan Rumbaugh
Sent: Tuesday, 17 July 2018 10:09 AM
Subject: [FORGED] [grouper-users] pspng LDAP NameAlreadyBoundException


Hi all,


We are using the latest TIER Grouper, 2.3.0-a107-u44-w12-p16, and have been working getting multiple directory provisioners working using pspng. When everything was configured correctly, or so I thought, I noticed the exception in the logs copied below.


The group referenced in the exception is getting populated and updates are working, but I was curious if anyone had some insight as to why this occurring? Having searched the archives it doesn’t appear to me related to past posts -- we are not using special characters and our single group search is not using dn.



grouper-api;grouper_error.log;;;2018-07-16 21:45:00,885: [DefaultQuartzScheduler_Worker-7] ERROR GrouperLoaderJob.runJob(485) -  - Error on job: CHANGE_LOG_consumer_pspng_ad_nebraska

java.lang.RuntimeException: Error in loader job: null, check logs: Summary: 997 successes/1 failures.  (997 successful entries will be retried because they follow a failure in the queue.) First error was: Modification failed: LDAP Provisioning failed: javax.naming.NameAlreadyBoundException: [LDAP: error code 68 - 00000562: UpdErr: DSID-031A11E2, problem 6005 (ENTRY_EXISTS), data 0

]; remaining name 'cn=test:pleasecreatethis,ou=grouper,dc=neadtest,dc=nebraska,dc=edu'Did not get all the way through the batch! -1 != 19991462




        at org.quartz.simpl.SimpleThreadPool$






Ryan Rumbaugh

Identity Management Specialist

Cybersecurity & Identity |ITS|

501 123.1, 68588-0203

University of Nebraska |


402-472-0831 (o)


Jeffrey Williams 
Identity Engineer
Identity & Access Services

  • Re: [grouper-users] RE: pspng LDAP NameAlreadyBoundException, Jeffrey Williams, 08/29/2018

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