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grouper-users - Re: [grouper-users] StaleObjectStateException thrown by loader jobs after patch

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Re: [grouper-users] StaleObjectStateException thrown by loader jobs after patch

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  • From: Scott Koranda <>
  • To: "Hyzer, Chris" <>
  • Cc: grouper-users <>
  • Subject: Re: [grouper-users] StaleObjectStateException thrown by loader jobs after patch
  • Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2018 11:31:19 -0600
  • Ironport-phdr: 9a23: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


> This is fixed in patches grouper_v2_3_0_api_patch_92, and
> grouper_v2_3_0_ui_patch_41. Also released are some updates from Vivek and
> me about loader metadata.
> You can see which groups a loader job manages (see link for screenshots),
> and see that a group is managed (or was managed) by the loader.
> Some other API changes were needed to make this work properly.
> Add loader metadata
> attributes to groups that are loaded via grouper loader
> allow attribute values to
> be updated without worrying about locking, hooks, auditing, etc
> allow search for groups by
> multiple attributes and values
> grouperLoader attribute
> metadata has incorrect groupId and unassigns attributes that shouldnt be
> causing stale state exceptions
> Let me know how it goes.

Am I correct that the first time the loader starts after applying these
patches every single loader group will have to be updated with the new
attributes, and I should expect a significant increase in the number of
rows in my database?

Is there any guidance on the performance implications of this change?

Is there any mechanism to disable it?


Scott K

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