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grouper-users - [grouper-users] UI hang during login

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[grouper-users] UI hang during login

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  • From: "Black, Carey M." <>
  • To: Gouper Users List <>
  • Subject: [grouper-users] UI hang during login
  • Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2018 15:44:38 +0000
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I found the UI in an odd state this morning.

After a bit of poking about I think I see what was going on , but I have no
idea how to fix it or avoid it in the future. ( Thus this email.) Any
suggestions/ideas would be appreciated.

User auth'ed into the app.
Left column was displayed... but the main content area had
the "spinning wheel of death"... eventually the AJAX timeout happened and the
user got the ajax error.

Q1: Has anyone else experience this kind of issue with the UI?


It turned out that the DB had a long running query on the grouper_audit_entry
table. Which apparently was hanging other reads. ( Which does not really make
sense to me. I am still waiting on the DB getting into the office to bend his
ear about it.)
Killed the hung process (query?)... and things returned to normal.

Query that was hanging for the UI was specifically....
select as id1_10_,
auditentry0_.hibernate_version_number as hibernat2_10_,
auditentry0_.act_as_member_id as act_as_m3_10_,
auditentry0_.audit_type_id as audit_ty4_10_, auditentry0_.context_id as
auditentry0_.created_on as created_6_10_, auditentry0_.description as
auditentry0_.env_name as env_name8_10_, auditentry0_.grouper_engine as
auditentry0_.grouper_version as grouper10_10_, auditentry0_.int01 as
int11_10_, auditentry0_.int02 as int12_10_,
auditentry0_.int03 as int13_10_, auditentry0_.int04 as int14_10_,
auditentry0_.int05 as int15_10_,
auditentry0_.last_updated as last_up16_10_, auditentry0_.logged_in_member_id
as logged_17_10_,
auditentry0_.server_host as server_18_10_, auditentry0_.string01 as
auditentry0_.string02 as string20_10_, auditentry0_.string03 as string21_10_,
auditentry0_.string04 as string22_10_, auditentry0_.string05 as string23_10_,
auditentry0_.string06 as string24_10_, auditentry0_.string07 as string25_10_,
auditentry0_.string08 as string26_10_, auditentry0_.duration_microseconds as
auditentry0_.query_count as query_c28_10_, auditentry0_.user_ip_address as
auditentry0_.server_user_name as server_30_10_
from grouper_audit_entry auditentry0_ where
auditentry0_.act_as_member_id='GUID_FOR_MY_USER_:)' order by
auditentry0_.created_on desc limit 6
There is an index on act_as_member_id and the search returns in just a few
ms's. ( when not blocked )


My first thought:
Get some DBA help. ( not sure that will fix it... Maybe an overnight
backup process hung? Maybe the analyze process hung?... Just not sure yet...)

My second thought:
Is to "stop doing that on login" to try to avoid a fully
non-functional login event like this.
Q2: How can I alter the "landing page" for a user to avoid
this search? ( Maybe land on a more "static content page"? )
Q3: Is there a way to get to "Recent activity" other than the
"Home" link/page? ( Maybe with more than 6 records? Some kind of filter by
day/month/type of objects, etc..?)

My third thought:
Q4: Is there a way to make the app "timeout" faster for *that* SQL
call, to avoid the fail though to the AJAX error? ( At least that way the
user might get in and be able to do other things... *maybe* )

Carey Matthew

  • [grouper-users] UI hang during login, Black, Carey M., 01/10/2018

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