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grouper-users - Re: [grouper-users] grouper 3.2 stability issues in our newbie setup

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Re: [grouper-users] grouper 3.2 stability issues in our newbie setup

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  • From: Andrew Morgan <>
  • To: Liam Hoekenga <>
  • Cc:
  • Subject: Re: [grouper-users] grouper 3.2 stability issues in our newbie setup
  • Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2017 11:38:12 -0800 (PST)
  • Ironport-phdr: 9a23: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

On Mon, 13 Feb 2017, Liam Hoekenga wrote:

We're trying to get a grouper test environment up and running, and the
application just seems to fall over after it's been running a little
while. When it does stop working, everything returns 500s (including
grouper's internal status page).

Our logs are not helpful, but I'm guessing we've not logging the right

We're running on a RHEL 7 VM that's been allocated two CPUs and 4gb memory,
Java 1.8.0_111-b14, Tomcat 8.0.28, Grouper 3.2 last patched on Feb 1.

This machine does have both the UI and the loader running on it, but we've
only got a couple of loader jobs and the only ones hitting the UI are the
few of us testing it. The issue predates us bringing up the loader service
/ daemon - we saw it when the machine was only running the UI.


Your tomcat catalina.out logs should have something in them when you get a 500... Anything interesting there?


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