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grouper-users - RE: [grouper-users] Progress report and guidance / help request

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RE: [grouper-users] Progress report and guidance / help request

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  • From: Gagné Sébastien <>
  • To: "Bryan E. Wooten" <>, <>
  • Subject: RE: [grouper-users] Progress report and guidance / help request
  • Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2013 13:04:36 -0500
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It would be help full to see your attribute definition for ADstemObjectclass.


I’m assuming it’s a script type attribute definition, so the problem should be in psp-resolver.xml. The file is valid, but maybe the script you wrote has an error. Here is what I’m hoping to see in your attribute definition (I’m thinking you could have forgot the “new BasicAttribute”) :



    id=" ADstemObjectclass "


    <resolver:Dependency ref="[varies]" />


        // Import Shibboleth attribute provider.



        // Create the attribute to be returned.

        ADstemObjectclass = new BasicAttribute("ADstemObjectclass");


If (something) {

    ADstemObjectclass.getValues.add("my value if true")

} else

    ADstemObjectclass.getValues.add("my value if false")






De : [mailto:] De la part de Bryan E. Wooten
Envoyé : 8 mars 2013 11:47
À :
Objet : [grouper-users] Progress report and guidance / help request


Hi all,


I thought I’d share my progress in learning Grouper. It has been slower than expected the learning curve is pretty steep.


Anyway using the QuickStart I have successfully configured Grouper to use both AD and LDAP as a subject source for the UI. I also able to provision folders, groups and members to LDAP using the PSP.


After getting that working I took some time to write “Grouper for Dummies” so other team members could get a Grouper instance up and running in a very short time. A few omissions and mistakes were found in my document and I continue to correct and enhance it.


For next milestone I have trying to use the PSP to provision folders to both LDAP and AD using the psp-example-grouper-to-openldap-multiple as guide. But since AD and LDAP don’t share bind credentials or any baseDNs this has proved to be a challenge.


At this point I have an file and an file to define the unique baseDNs and such. I also have a psp-vt-ldap-1.xml and a psp-vt-ldap-ad.xml. My psp.xml and psp-resovler.xml files seem to be configured correctly. I say that because at the least I can start the loader daemon with out errors.


Here comes the part where I am now stumped. With UI I create a folder and then using gsh (the loader daemon is shut down) execute: loaderRunOneJob("CHANGE_LOG_changeLogTempToChangeLog")

loader ran successfully: Ran the changeLogTempToChangeLog daemon

gsh 1%  loaderRunOneJob("CHANGE_LOG_consumer_psp")


In my grouper_error.log I see the following error. Is there a way I can determine what the null attribute is?


Thanks for any help / encouragement.




2013-03-08 09:25:11,372: [main] DEBUG LdapDnFromGrouperNamePSOIdentifierAttributeDefinition.doResolve(197) -  - Ldap dn from grouper name attribute definition 'ADstemDnAlternateChangeLog' - Resolve principal 'utah:folder3ID:folder3ID' No dependencies

2013-03-08 09:25:11,380: [main] ERROR ScriptedAttributeDefinition.doResolve(129) -  - ADstemObjectclass produced a null attribute

2013-03-08 09:25:11,381: [main] ERROR Psp.execute(1015) -  - Psp 'psp' - Calc CalcResponse[id=utah:folder3ID:folder3ID,status=failure,error=customError,errorMessages={ADstemObjectclass produced a null attributes},requestID=2013/03/08-09:25:11.236]

2013-03-08 09:25:11,382: [main] ERROR Psp.execute(1017) -  - Psp 'psp' - Calc XML:

<psp:calcResponse xmlns:psp='' status='failure' requestID='2013/03/08-09:25:11.236' error='customError'>

  <errorMessage>ADstemObjectclass produced a null attributes</errorMessage>

  <psp:id ID='utah:folder3ID:folder3ID'/>



2013-03-08 09:25:11,383: [main] ERROR Psp.execute(1175) -  - Psp 'psp' - Diff DiffResponse[id=utah:folder3ID:folder3ID,status=failure,error=customError,errorMessages={ADstemObjectclass produced a null attributes},requestID=2013/03/08-09:25:11.235]

2013-03-08 09:25:11,384: [main] ERROR Psp.execute(1177) -  - Psp 'psp' - Diff XML:


edu.internet2.middleware.psp.PspException: SyncResponse[id=utah:folder3ID:folder3ID,status=failure,error=customError,errorMessages={ADstemObjectclass produced a null attributes},requestID=2013/03/08-09:25:11.220]

        at edu.internet2.middleware.psp.grouper.PspChangeLogConsumer.executeSync(

        at edu.internet2.middleware.psp.grouper.PspChangeLogConsumer.processStemAdd(

        at edu.internet2.middleware.psp.grouper.PspChangeLogConsumer$EventType$8.process(



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